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• Dec 18, 2013 11:02 AM
Obamacare: A New Backdoor To Your Medical Records
by Robbie G
Citizen Journalist News
Copyright 2013

Read this… Or just get surprised like I did. Choice is yours for now.

Here is YOUR chance to learn from my recent experience. I recently moved from one side of the State to the other. Obviously I needed to find another doctor. Finding every Doctor booked up for a Month I chose to drive back to the other side of the State and do my annual physical with my existing doctor I have been with for years. I made the appointment and drove the five-hour trip and arrived on time. But something new had been instituted. My familiar old doc had upgraded his office technology. He walked in, sat down and proceeded to ask a battery of new and oddly invasive questions as he typed all the answers into his new little iPad. Normally, doc only asks such things if you are experiencing potentially related issues. Like for instance, if you came in with a respiratory infection, he may ask, “do you smoke”. And he has asked me that before to which I replied, “no”. This time however… his questions were more like, have you ever smoked, when did you start, when did you stop, then a quick calculation of amount of years, then more input… and on and on and on… Then we got onto the physical, which was also different. This time it only consisted of taking my weight, height, and a battery of blood tests. Nothing else…. Odd, I thought. What happened to the “Physical” part of the Physical?

I finally visited a new doctor in my new location yesterday… The battery of invasive questions again, was never ending. Constant note taking from the receptionist to the doc transpired…. Not only did they ask about me, they asked about my parents, and their health, what they died from, okay fair enough. I can see where that would be helpful data. But it went on to include all my siblings, info about them, their health, if they were alive or dead. Then he begins questioning my wife Sandi about her health, where she worked, if she was still working, how many years she worked there, etc…. Writing everything down and trying to act like it was just a friendly nonchalant conversation, except that he was taking constant notes and only exerting half his brain to the actual conversation.

Asking about my family members personal information odd but asking about my wifes was flat out creepy. Additionally, the amount of information they were asking was creepy and all the time, constantly taking notes. They asked my wife about her job and about specific details regarding her job. They copied my med card (normal SOP), but then wanted my driver’s license also, then copied it too… Never before has a Doctor office copied my driver’s license.

When all said and done, they told me I needed to communicate electronically with them. Being the old school paper filer the wife is… Sandi opted out…. She requested mailed hard copies. This is when things get a bit dicey…. The doc came back in, asked a battery of additional questions, explained the e-web site, downplayed our decision as archaic and why… if we want hard copies we could just print them out with the push of a button! I felt like saying, REALLY? So this is how that technology thingy works? Something wasn’t feeling right. Next step in comes the female staff member who sets up your e-med communication account. She starts asking, you got it, more questions. Then she proceeds to ask me what I wanted for a user name, I say robg. Sorry can’t have that, it must be your name, so she tells me it will be my name. Alrighty then… Another lesson in redundancy. Then she asks me what I want for a password? I can’t help it but I am just going to fall off the professional journalism wagon here and type “LOL”. She then completes the set up of my e-med account even though I just previously opted out. She informs me I must log on to complete the account set up; writes my access information on a card and hands it to me while smiling like she just made magic happen, then exits.

Everyone is smiling! Including the lady at the front desk who asked for AND kept apologizing for all the out of the norm information. When she requested my drivers license, I just called it what it is and said to the wife… this is crazy… this is your new Obamacare in action prying into my personal information. A slightly obviously embarrassed, Sandi tries to shush me…. I looked at her and said well it is what it is and I looked squarely at the receptionist who was looking rather flush and embarrassed, then said, yes he is right, and she kept shaking her head and saying they are making us do all this… This quickly quelled my wife’s hush up program real fast.

Okay… that said… I just went to check out the med program this morning and the very first thing I see is a black woman and a Chinese woman on their home page… Hmmm, I thought… this seems oddly familiar; lets see, where have I seen this elsewhere? Oh Yes, on our magnificent Wizards Obamacare site. This alone made me now wonder if this isn’t another extension of the Government data collection master plan.

Next step, I log in to have a lookise. Appears innocent enough, however, before pushing the nice BIG and conveniently located “Accept” button, I chose rather, to read the terms and conditions very closely instead. They all appear standard, but one thing jumps out at me and gets my attention.

The site is a product of Epic Systems Corporation.

So just who and what is Epic Systems? I do a little digging… Appears ESC is the love child of a person by the name of Judy Faulkner. I wonder to myself… just who is this Judy Faulkner and how is she tied into such a paramount Medical Systems plugin out of the blue like this?

I bet by now you are wondering the same so allow me to introduce to you, Judy Faulkner, The Obama crony in charge of ALL your medical records, It would seem they have a back up, back door plan even for those who refuse to opt into the Obamacare site. Yes they are going to take your personal records and information from you regardless of your concerns.

Judy Faulkner isn’t just a casual Obama acquaintance randomly picked from a myriad of loving admirers due to her technical expertise… Judy Faulker also isn’t just a random Obama supporter financially or volunteer wise. On the contrary, Judy Faulkner is both a billionaire, and a top Obama donor who also just happens to be the CEO and Founder of the Epic Systems software platform which will soon control most of America’s Medical information.

Interface Terms & Conditions of Electronic Medical Data interface


In this screen print you can see the innocent interface. All terms and conditions appear to be standard. The only thing bothering me about all this yesterday was… Medical staff reactions; requests for way too much personal information and their constant non-stop note taking! Additionally, asking for a copy of my drivers license was odd to me and then seeing weird Obamacare site like graphics on this electronic data agreement interface. All of which brought me to researching just who this “Epic System Corporation” as noted in all caps at the bottom of this TOC was actually associated with and bringing me straight face to face with Judy Faulkner!

If the stench of this, and wide open potential for personal information abuse don’t chill you to the bone, bubba…. you ain’t paying attention.

Obama’s Federal Electronic Medical Records (EMR) mandate is only more Chicago style thuggery and Federal Government malpractice at work. His stimulus law provided over $19 billion in “incentives” . In reality its only “incentive” is to force hospitals and medical professionals to convert from paper to electronic record-keeping systems. And for any provider who fails to comply with the program… Penalties will begin next year.

Oddly enough failures and expense of these personal snooping systems of our private information are driving health care costs straight through the ceiling; a completely opposite effect of their original intended purpose. Additionally, placing our personal data, ID’s, Social Security numbers and all other personal information on an unsecured, and completely un-tested system because they are hell bent on making their system run rather than protecting OUR data as their system is created is criminal. Further costs are generated through our own personal loss associated with failures which hit us personally, and who is taking responsibility for those? Heck, if they won’t take responsibility for the deaths at Benghazi, do you actually think they care about your financial ruin though lost personal account data which has fallen into the wrong hands?

If these unprotected medical gold mining systems aren’t built to share data to improve our personal health, why exactly is Obama subsidizing them at our expense?

And exactly WHAT is Judy Faulkner doing with our private health information and more that she is collecting beyond their necessary medical system needs? This is a repeat of exactly the kind of abuse at the heart of the IRS and DOJ scandals which both remain, as of yet, unresolved.

It is past time to chase the fox from the henhouse and remove tyranny and corruption. A good first step to “fixing America” would be to prosecute politicians who violate their “Oath of Office” to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America”.

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Freelance writer and a lifelong Washington Native. Robs articles will generally reflect a Moniker of Robbie G, in honor of his late Uncle “Doc”, who raised him for his first year of life. He credits his writing skill to two very different, and very determined Creative Writing professors at both Bellevue Community College and Seattle University. His career placed him in organizations such as Honeywell Aerospace, Paul Alan's Experience Music Project, Boeing Aerospace, and Microsoft. When not running or Mountain biking, he’s usually, charting and stock trading. Rob and his wife Sandi love traveling, snowshoeing in the winter and Geo cache outings in the summer.

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