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Could this possibly give a clue as to what Emperor Fulsome meant as “more leverage” when in the midst of a re-election campaign? You know, the one where he whispered in an open mic to Vlad he was ready to kiss his butt and hand us over because he’s in on the whole affair?
As this particular fiasco unfolds, we watch in no small wonder as Putin gives  El Presidente’ the first of many Bronx cheers.

Volodya is tiptoeing through the tulips to Latin America, where he plans to send navy ships and long-range bombers to the region for the first time in how many years? 

Whilst our elected representatives from both sides of the aisle continue to break this fine country to bits, Nero happily plays his fiddle to any tune for the highest bidder.

If that’s leverage, my ass is a Japanese typewriter.


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