Republican Wins Florida Seat Where Obama Won in 2008 and 2012…Key Obamacare Test



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Republican David Jolly defeated Alex Sink for the 13th congressional district in Tuesday’s election, in what was billed as a key test on Obamacare.   The seat was open due to the death of long time Rep Bill Young’s death.  The 13th district went for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but was won by Jolly 48.5% to 46.6%.  Polling had given Sink a four point edge.  Sink was an unapologetic Obamacare supporter who tried to portray Jolly as anti-woman.  The vote was closer than it should have been.  The Libertarian candidate took 4.9% of the vote.

This was seen nationally as a referendum on Obamacare and the nine million spent is the most spent on a congressional race in a long time.  The two candidates were polar opposites on Obamacare.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden, was quoted as saying:

(Sink) “ultimately brought down because of her unwavering support for Obamacare, and that should be a loud warning for other Democrats running coast to coast.”

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel tried unsuccessfully to put a favorable spin on Sink’s loss:

“Alex put this district in play despite Republicans spending $5 million against her, and she came closer to victory in a historically Republican district than any Democrat has in decades.”

The explanation does not pass the smell test because Bill Young was a long time incumbent, which gave him an advantage and the fact that the district went for Obama twice.

Republicans are hoping to ride this momentum into November.


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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

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