If GOD appoints Leaders, should Christians Vote ?

If GOD appoints Leaders, should Christians Vote ? 


In all of world history, the USA is unique in many ways, not the least of which is that here, the PEOPLE are sovereign, not a king or any other despot. The Bible says God appoints sovereigns and we get the governments we deserve. Since the people are legally sovereign here, it is our duty as citizens, conservatives, and Christians to vote for good, moral, and capable leadership. Pray then duty dictates, vote. Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech and to worship as we see fit. As a Constitutionist, I firmly believe our supreme law of the land is our Constitution. Our political, judicial, and military leadership, all of whom make public oaths to uphold and support our Constitution and Republic, are responsible to the public for adhering to those oaths. Whenever any of our leadership refuses or is unable to adhere to the supreme law of the land, we have the clear right and moral duty to replace them in office.  Our country’s history is of peaceful transitions from each president and congress to the next through the ballot box. To ensure safe, secure transitions and the people’s will continues, balloting must be fair, honest, protected, and never illegally modified by stuffing ballot boxes, allowing illegal ballots, illegal voters, or improper counting or reporting of those ballots. Unfortunately, such illegal practices have already begun and frauds reported all over our nation. Specifically the democrat party, now in power in illicit efforts to retain power, is cheating. In Illinois, Electronic voting machines automatically change all votes to democrat regardless of whom the voter indicated they wished. Ballots are illegally filled out in fictitious names in Colorado and Michigan, perhaps elsewhere.  All illegality should be prosecuted but the last two elections have shown our Federal Election Commission and Dept. of Justice which are required to investigate and prosecute such illegalities, being controlled by democrats, simply ignore the law, fraud, and even published reports of illegal balloting. Widespread voter fraud breeds distrust in all things governmental and gives fraudulent powers to immoral bureaucrats and politicians.  A reminder, NO democrat voted for the ‘63 nor ‘64 Civil Rights laws and every state that suppressed minority voters during the 20th century were democrat led. Today those states suffering the worst political and financial difficulties are democrat controlled. Racism was codified into Federal Law, socialism installed and expanded, and income tax inequality legalized, Obamacare written, passed into law, and regulated by Democrat controlled Congress and Democrat politicians. 
PL Booth, www.blueeyeview.blogspot.com 10/27/14 

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