Here is a link to a list of Obama lies and scandals



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Here is a link to a list of Obama lies and scandals 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote



Actually, I do not think it is even possible to list all his lies and scandals. Certainly there is not room on this blog for all of them. He is rotten to the core, a pathological liar, america hater, socialist islamo/facist lover and apologist. He epitomizes all the democrat party is about. 

Please don’t take me for demass hater nor a republican. I am neither but follow the constitution. As a constitutionist, I prefer the Constitution Party over all others. but vote GOP if there is no one from my party running for a particular office. May GOD forgive all the fools, false Christians, and lying conservatives who vote for that GOD hating child murdering socialist entity we laughing refer to as the democrat party. I especially despise the demass pols who say they are conservatives. They need to be outed as pathological liars of the Obama stripe. 

Click on the above link to get to that list. 


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A retired professional Aviator, Air Traffic Supervisor, writer and Conservative Christian. I've been writing since college, raced cars and motorcycles, flew general aviation aircraft, worked for the FAA for 27 years, work on computers, work with youth at my church, study history (particularly Amerindian and the western movement) and biblical subjects. I write on several blogs, am published in local newspapers and, occasionally, write articles for national distribution though I am really trying to enjoy my retirement. Having little use for socialists (democrats) nor fools, I am occasionally controversial but rarely wrong.

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