America’s Unique Culture is Worth Saving but Endangered !



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 America’s Unique Culture is Worth Saving but Endangered !

   “A cohesive society requires a set of shared beliefs that define the behavioral norms of all its members. Our governmental policies must positively reinforce the American culture; they must abandon moral neutrality in public policy and affirm such values as our common language, the role of religion in our lives, and the individual pursuit of excellence.”   Pete Du Pont

 A pretty accurate statement from Mr. Du Pont except I doubt Government (neither Federal nor most local) is morally neutral. I find federal policies increasingly immoral or, at best amoral. I do not accede that the state should be anything but a positive reinforcing influence on the institutions of society.

 Our common English language should be the primary one taught, at public expense, to every immigrant and every child in our public schools so that they may be better educated and more quickly assimilated into our national culture. For the same reasons, English should be used exclusively on all public signs, documents and for every official function. It is the World’s universal language.

 Children who cannot function (think, read, and write) in English are much more likely to drop out of schools. Those who drop out are much less likely to learn useful trades, much more likely to live in poverty, and to become criminals. Of all violent crimes, 86% are committed by perceived minorities. A great many of those considered minorities happen to be non-primary English speakers.

 Religion can and should play a key role in our public and private lives. Freedom of expression is guaranteed for the atheist and the porno artist, but government funding and support is not. Law, positive values, and moral living all stem from the virtues of religious convictions.

 Our present Whitehouse Prevaricators regularly try to fool us by being seen visiting churches, quoting scripture, and emoting Biblical wisdom. It isn’t that they believe; rather they know our culture does. Their daily actions belie their rhetoric.

 Multiculturalism, the idea that every cultural concept is of equal moral value and must be accepted as equally valid lifestyle choices, is mistaken and absurd. It is undermining our values. Watch any two hours of any network TV programming during any time of the day and the fact is obvious. Perversion is the TV norm.

 The downward adjustment of standards attempting to equalize results amongst all sexual, ethnic, and age groups undermines personal achievement, effort, merit, and equality of opportunity. The real motives and results are lower peaks, not higher valleys. Raising peaks lifts the averages and improves opportunities.

 Fundamental values of American culture such as diligence, self-discipline, honesty, compassion, loyalty, patriotism, and respect for others must be reinforced. Marriage, the basis of family values, is, and should be, reserved for heterosexual couples. Two parent families should be the norm. Having children out of wedlock should be officially and socially discouraged, even scorned. We should discourage abortion, encourage adoption, praise abstinence, and promote personal discipline as higher values and more desirable behavior than libertine lifestyles.

 Too many people and politicians don’t. If the desire is to improve government and the national quality of life, vote for those who exemplify these truths and against those who don’t.            


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A retired professional Aviator, Air Traffic Supervisor, writer and Conservative Christian. I've been writing since college, raced cars and motorcycles, flew general aviation aircraft, worked for the FAA for 27 years, work on computers, work with youth at my church, study history (particularly Amerindian and the western movement) and biblical subjects. I write on several blogs, am published in local newspapers and, occasionally, write articles for national distribution though I am really trying to enjoy my retirement. Having little use for socialists (democrats) nor fools, I am occasionally controversial but rarely wrong.

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