Four Teen Thugs Kill a Man With Hammers in St Louis…Bosnians Protest (LOL)



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Possibly over the death of the thug Michael Brown, four teens began attacking a car with hammers and when the man came out of the car to confront them, they began yelling at him and cursing him as they battered him in the head and mouth with their hammers.  Zemir Begic, 32 was attacked at approximately 1:15 AM Sunday morning.  Police have already arrested two of the thugs and two more are being hunted down.  Police describe the two fugitives only as a black teen age 16 and a 15 year old Hispanic.

Begic was a Bosnian American and about eighty Bosnians were out on the street protesting violence in their neighborhood.  Police have no motive as yet, but recently protesters and Screwy Louie Farrakhan has called for violence and it’s possible a reaction to their call for violence.  Aren’t you amazed how Michael Brown’s stepfather and Farrakhan along with Al Sharpton can incite people to riot and commit violence and there is no federal investigation into civil rights abuses? 

This has been part and parcel of both the Obama administration and the Holder Department of injustice.It will be interesting to follow this story, although no matter what really happened and why, don’t expect it to get any media coverage or for the four teens to be charged with a hate crime.

We need to regulate hammers and no one should be able to purchase one without a background check.

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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

Steven H Ahle is the editor of Red Statements and the 2014 JOTY winner. He is an accredited journalist, whose investigations led to the discovery that the AFL-CIO was using voter intimidation tactics in 2012. In 2013, he exposed the fact that Homeland Security was teaching local law enforcement to target Christians as terrorists in what became a national news story. Like my page on Facebook and never miss another story Follow me on Facebook to see all the articles I write for various sites

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