Leisure World of Maryland: Even a comedy writer couldn’t make this up

Leisure World of Maryland: Even a comedy writer couldn’t make this up:

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Leisure World of Maryland

Welcome to Leisure World of Maryland -the 8500+ SENIOR CITIZEN resident community just outside of Washington, D.C. In his further quest to silence those who refuse to be intimidated, the highly paid ($250k per year including benefits) General Manager just hired an apparent professional right wing bigot as this the aged community Director of Communications/Leisure World News Editor and webmaster.

Surely he will interface well with the intimidating armed guards placed at the entry door of the Nov.18, 2014 Board of Directors community propaganda meeting — it was their attempt to lull the sleepy seniors in submission as they go about spending $10 Million of residents funds–(including a $5+ Million Administration Building).


Seeing IS believing:

Here’s just a sample direct from the Facebook page of the new DIRECTOR:
bryan l

Brian Lonergan
November 9 at 7:22am ·

“Reid is a faux Mormon like Pelosi is a faux Catholic and Debbie Was-A-Man is a faux Jew. To them religion is just another way to hustle the public.”

Brian Lonergan
October 17 ·

“Much like the Obama logo, the Hillary 2016 team has unveiled a logo of their own.”

oh joy – he’s a “writer” and blog radio talk show host too!:

DEMOCRATIC ELITES: Minions of Satan?



After this article appeared on CNNireport and CJN, the Leisure World of Maryland General Manager was instructed to “rescind” the employment agreement: “Leisure World of Maryland Corporation has elected not to pursue employment with the individual previously reported as candidate for the position of Director of Communications.”

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