Leisure World of Maryland: Warning- Speed Bumps

Leisure World of Maryland - Villa Cortese Mutual

Leisure World of Maryland:

Villa Cortese’ Mutual


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speed bumps installed

speed bumps installed

After speed bumps were approved by the Leisure World of Maryland high priced Villa Cortese’ Board of Directors, upset residents of the over 55 senior citizen home owners association signed petitions and letters for their removal. Their reasons were medical, emergency vehicle access and damage to vehicles.

In the midst of the well recognized less than democratic Leisure World system of governance, Wendy Bethke, the Villa Cortese’ Property Manager is to be commended for providing a democratic way in which residents of this mutual can express their discontent.

When asked if she considered removing the petitions, letters and comments in each of the Villa Cortese’ mutual apartment buildings, she replied, “no, why would I? It’s the residents right to express themselves this way”. 

The speed bumps were removed within a week after publication of this article.

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