Politics & Why The Blue Wall Matters for 2016

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• Nov 07, 2014 12:05 PM
Politics & Why The Blue Wall Matters for 2016
by Robbie G
Citizen Journalist News
Copyright 2014


Do you know what is facing Americans come 2016? Do you know why only Obama, and not his fellow Liberals, are concerned about the “Republican Wave”?

To answer these questions as well as many others, lLets take a deeper look at what just happened, and why it transpired.

First, lets dive into why the recent midterm election took a sharp right turn. The left has been relatively silent… On it’s face I would normally find this suspicious. Generally we would hear outcries of fraud, fixing, and foulplay. However, for the most part… it’s been seemingly quiet as the dust is settling. Why so, I ask myself? Are they still in shock and disbelief? Have they tossed in the towel and walked away? Is the wave of tempers and tantrums yet to come? We have yet to see, but I have my own theory of why the race was won, and actually, just exactly HOW it was won.

It wasn’t won because political strings weren’t being pulled… No, Obama held off on immigration reform knowing full well such an action prior to the election would force even more red on the map. He also held back the Obamacare injustice that is about to transpire, until post election. AND last, but by NO means least… Even pre-election posted Border Patrol stats remained posted ONLY a mere 6 hours being taken down. And those stats indicated more than just health compromised Hispanics are now crossing our boarders. And THAT my friend, is another hot topic too hot to approach pre election. So given all this and much much more… What just happened?

The polls, according to many were completely wrong, and when polls are wrong, only one of two things transpired. Either vote tampering transpired, OR someone tampered WITH, or intentionally skewed, the polls. This is how we looked at such a skewed outcome in the past. But today is truly a different day and we have now, another factor in play. With many voting machines caught changing Conservative votes to Liberal votes, we are pretty certain vote tampering wasn’t at issue, because after a few machines were caught changing votes… WAY too many people began validating results! That said, it only really leaves us with skewing of the polls, hence, begging the question, “How could the polls be so wrong”? Fox News brought in Political Scientist Larry Sabato because Larry is a front runner who is literally screaming about the outcome. And Larry wants answers NOW. So Fox interviewed Larry and he stated the following: “I want an investigation of the Polls in Virginia, they were completely wrong, just as they were in Georgia. They were also way off in Illinois, and I could go on and on”.  So what happened? How could the Polls be so wrong? Well… here is my theory…

Opinions of low information voters in this country haven’t changed. Clinton rocked the vote with 18 year olds. Obama rallied black America and is attempting to do the same with his influx of illegal Hispanics and no voter ID requirement. And I’m betting those Hispanics who didn’t need ID are glad they didn’t go try to vote now! Matter of fact, I’m betting they are keeping one foot on the border like a first base hitter waiting for another base hit…. However, the streets were hit for the purposes of polling… Those encountered out there, haven’t changed their opinion. They don’t follow what is happing politically and frankly, they don’t care. They don’t care about the Future of America enough to investigate what their past choices have created. But they are still out there. However, what has changed is their motivational values. These throngs of do nothing people still roam the streets but they HAVE to be motivated to move. If I walk up to one and ask, will you vote in this election? The answer will most likely be a confirmation but the real question is, did they follow through and that answer, as we saw was a definitive “No”, they did not go to the polls. Again, if you ask them a second question, “who do you prefer, Conservative, or Liberal”, they will tell you “Liberal”. So there you have it… They are going to VOTE and they are voting LIBERAL. But problem is… they ended up MIA at the polls. So why did they fail to show up? Because they don’t CARE. The true grass roots foundation of this Country, just spoke. The true Americans, the parents with their heads on right, just spoke and America heard us. We’re the ones who show up! We’re the ones who don’t vote on emotion but rather on our future and our children’s futures. And guess what? We showed up at the polls, and we show up consistently every single time. We are the base foundation of America. We are the ones who everyone relies on to correct folly and past faddish behavior.

The MIA “others” who placed Americans in our current predicament totally failed to turn out on Tuesday because they currently don’t feel they have a cause. They didn’t have a charismatic Bill Clinton rallying them to vote for him, they didn’t have a African American man spurring them on to vote for him for equality and therefore… they don’t show. They don’t care about the political engine, they only care about the next focused trend. And in this election there was none. So lets talk about the next focused trend… 2016 and why the Blue Wall matters.

First of all, what is the Blue Wall? Simplistically speaking, its density of the electoral college process whereby very few States control the outcome of the rest of America. It’s the process where the popular vote is ignored. Its all about delegates and an accumulation of electoral votes garnered by States that own more electoral votes than other States.  And guess what, those States are generally our coastal seaboard States! And guess what else? Those States are rife with Liberal density. So while a majority of the map can be Red… A few high population density States rimming the US, can, due to population density alone,  place a Liberal President in office. Afterwards you look at the US map and its predominantly red and you think to yourself, how can this be? Well it is due to the polulation density. All those red states don’t have the same numbers inhabiting them as do the blue states and therefore the blue States get more electoral votes and they win the election, hence, the term, “Blue Wall”! Any States falling to the Liberal slant within America just assures a Liberal win.

So folks… there you have it, in simplistic terms… Why the left isn’t concerned about this defeat. Oh Yes… don’t get me wrong… Obama is concerned, but untouchable at this part of his presidency with the exception of being impeached. And liberals are concerned about THAT, just as Conservatives are concerned about rogue Conservatives. However, strategically handing both House and Senate to Conservatives could actually help win a Liberal win come 2016. They can now blame literally EVERYTHING on Conservatives…


So how do we change the Blue Wall?
Well, we can’t!

We cannot change political density in two years. Liberals have worked this for a very long time, through educational systems, through strategic population momentum, etc…  They aren’t as dumb as we’d love to credit them. So how DO we change the Blue Wall issue?

We do so like this:

#1. Focus ON and REMEMBER and SHARE CONSTANTLY a 9/11 aftermath Rememberance:

Share constantly,  9/11 memories and the hole we have spiraled down since!
Include the boarder issues which included:
Our premature exit out of Iraq
The slaughter of Christianity literally
The 2744 lives lost in NYC on that day.
The 1 million lives lost in Iraq & Afghanistan and counting.
Our 6000 [Kids] US Troops lost on the war on terror and counting.
Your 4.5 Trillion US tax dollars wasted on combating terror, and counting.
Your Civil Liberties being removed
The Patriot Act
The Military Commissions Act
The Department of Homeland Security
The Transportation and Security Administration [TSA]
The National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA 2012]
Your Subjection to Search and seizure without a warrant.
Your being Detained or imprisoned indefinitely w/o being charged, w/o evidence, w/o a Lawyer & w/o a trial.
YOU…. Legally tortured or assassinated simply by being accused of being associated with terrorism.
And #2. Focus on Congress and your Congressional Members.

They owe us.
We the people SPOKE clearly on Tuesday Nov 4th.
We told them what WE want and now it’s no longer what THEY want.
Everything we asked for on Tuesday is what we want THEM to NOW force Obama to Veto.
Force him to Veto EVERYTHING we asked for.
Then HE will be the reason NOTHING is getting done for We The People.

Remind YOUR Congressmen to remember this for the upcoming 2016 Election and Finish the Liberals off for us.
Remind Your Congressman of what WE did for THEM
Remind THEM, they are YOUR Employee.

And THAT, my friends… Is how we dismantle the Blue Wall. Don’t kid yourselves…. Its coming in 2016 and we need to make Obama the reason for the past two year and not the Republican held Congress. When you only have one shot. Make it count.


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Freelance writer and a lifelong Washington Native. Robs articles will generally reflect a Moniker of Robbie G, in honor of his late Uncle “Doc”, who raised him for his first year of life. He credits his writing skill to two very different, and very determined Creative Writing professors at both Bellevue Community College and Seattle University. His career placed him in organizations such as Honeywell Aerospace, Paul Alan's Experience Music Project, Boeing Aerospace, and Microsoft. When not running or Mountain biking, he’s usually, charting and stock trading. Rob and his wife Sandi love traveling, snowshoeing in the winter and Geo cache outings in the summer.

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