Muslim Gangs Terrorize Sweden…America’s Future?

Copenhagen gang members arrested by police


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Copenhagen gang members arrested by police

Muslim gangs have turned 55 neighborhoods in Sweden into no-go zones.  It has gotten so bad that two local policemen found themselves in one of these neighborhoods, surrounded by a gang of fifty Muslims.  The officers called for assistance but their request was denied because the area is too tough.  They were afraid the area would become a war zone.  Fortunately some of the Muslim residents knew one of the officers and convinced them to let the officers go.

Ambulance drivers have come under vicious attacks in these neighborhoods and the union representing ambulance workers filed a complaint.  Ambulance tires are flattened, windows broken out and chunks of concrete rain down from the overpasses.  Demands are being made:

“We need the paramedics to be prepared when entering these hot zones.  They need riot helmets, bulletproof vests, shin guards and holsterpacks. That’s the equipment needed to work in this environment. Of course, they also [need to be] equipped with gas masks.”

“I’d say military grade gear is called for.”

The firefighters face the same dangers.  The Muslim gangs will set a car or a dumpster on fire and then ambush the firemen just for amusement.  And still the government refuses to act to clean up this mess.  The country is still run by liberals in Sweden, although conservatives have picked up a lot of seats are now the third largest party in the country.  Voters are hoping to do away with the liberal immigration policy of the far left.

As Cartman from South Park once said, “Send them to France with the other pu$$^#s.”

Is this in our future , too?


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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

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