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Jonathon Gruber, the architect of the Obamacare Bill may have put the bill and himself in deep trouble.  Gruber has now been caught on three seperate videos explaining how he and the democrats muddied the water to conceal the actual costs and application of Obamacare.  Unfortunately for him, he has run his mouth off a bit too much in patting himself on the back for being as deceitful and corrupted.  Now, it could cost him dearly. 

Gruber’s ego required him to brag about how he fooled the “stupid voters” in order to pass the highly unpopular bill.  SCOTUS has agreed to hear a case involving the subsidies.  The bill clearly says that only people in state exchanges could receive federal subsidies.  However, the justices could find in the government’s favor if they decide that the intent of congress was for everyone to get subsidies no matter where they got their insurance. 

Members of congress have freely admitted they did not read the bill or even hire lawyers to read and explain it to them.  Therefore, they can hardly say it was their intention.  And what did Gruber say about the subsidies?:

“In the law, it says if the states don’t provide [exchanges], the federal backstop will.  The federal government has been sort of slow in putting out its backstop, I think partly because they want to sort of squeeze the states to do it. I think what’s important to remember politically about this, is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits.”

That is exactly the same argument the current plaintiffs used in their court briefs.  I hesitate to call it a slam dunk in case Roberts decides to toss the constitution out the window again and find in Obama’s favor on the bill. Should the court agree with the plaintiffs on the bill, it would cause the entire bill to collapse.

The other problem Gruber has is that Jim Jordan, who many people think will be taking over the House Oversight Committee is talking about making Gruber testify on how the bill was put together and what chicanery was used to get the bill passed. That could lead to charges of fraud or attempting to deceive. 

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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

Steven H Ahle is the editor of Red Statements and the 2014 JOTY winner. He is an accredited journalist, whose investigations led to the discovery that the AFL-CIO was using voter intimidation tactics in 2012. In 2013, he exposed the fact that Homeland Security was teaching local law enforcement to target Christians as terrorists in what became a national news story. Like my page on Facebook and never miss another story https://www.facebook.com/redstatements Follow me on Facebook to see all the articles I write for various sites https://www.facebook.com/stevenh.ahle

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Obamacare Architect Dooms Bill and May Go to Prison

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