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The architect of Obamacare,  MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, said publicly that a requirement for the passing of the healthcare bill was the stupidity of the American people. It is hard to disagree with him since we elected an inept, socialist minded, racist, pathological liar not once but twice and allowed the American socialist party to control congress for 6 years but an awakening has occurred. The last two national elections have, thankfully, greatly decreased the numbers of dems in all elected positions in this nation.

Then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi uttered her famous line, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”  Sarah Palin claimed Obamacare contained death panels but was attacked by the media for uttering truth. Paul Krugman (of the NY Times) and others admit a Medicare advisory board would be empowered to deny life-extending/saving treatments just as has already occurred in the VA.

We were told we could keep our health insurance if we liked it, but hundreds of thousands of cancellation notices were sent to people who were perfectly happy with their health care. They claimed we could keep our doctor if we like him/her but many Dr’s refuse to accept their insurance.

What is the big deal about the man who John Kerry called the Sherpa — Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber — who guided them to getting the law passed? Why care the guy who met with President Obama five times during the construction of Obamacare (whom Pelosi quoted but then denied even knowing as being the expert) let the cat out of the bag? Gruber’s admissions made in a self-congratulatory tour of elitist institutions destroys any legitimacy the law once had.

Gruber admitted the so-called “Cadillac tax” will actually drive all employer provided health plans out of existence within twenty years due to the way it is constructed.  The truth is they plan to force everyone out of their health plan. All those labor unions who supported the lying democrats and the law had to be lied to.

Gruber admitted the only way they could get the votes for the law was to deliberately lie about both the contents and the impact it would have.  He knew socialist agenda driven reporters  would eat up their denials and dismiss or deride arguments against the law without doing any research on their own.  After all, the Administration and experts like Mr. Gruber could be relied upon.

Finally, even our national media are accepting the reality they were fed lies about Obamacare and dutifully parroted them. A Ron Fournier (National Journal), even wrote an article about how liberals should be upset at these lies in his piece “Obamacare’s foundation of lies.”

Obamacare was built and sold upon outright deception.   Fortunately, Gruber was caught telling the truth after the law was passed and states were considering whether to set up their own health exchange networks. He plainly stated if a state didn’t set up an exchange, they would not be eligible for the federal subsidies.

27 states refused to set up exchanges.The IRS rewrote the law (illegally) to subvert the intent of those states by declaring their residents were eligible for the exact benefits that the law said they were not eligible to receive. Sometime next year the Supreme Court will decide if the plainly written language in the law can be rewritten by the executive branch, instead of congress, to suit their desires.

The ultimate irony is that Jonathan Gruber, the man who bragged about pulling the wool over the “stupid” American public’s eyes, will be front and center for telling the truth about Obamacare. Could this be a major legal blow to the law’s impact? We can only pray it will be.

Read more at http://netrightdaily.com/2014/11/obamacares-lies-come-crashing/#ixzz3JRX9p4WD

PL Booth, www.blueeyeview.blogspot.com 11/18/14

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