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You can feel it in the air…


You could feel it as the polls closed… You know what I’m talking about, right? That feeling you used to get as a child when you knew Santa was coming and you had to try to sleep. And last night I stayed up till my eyelids couldn’t support themselves. I wanted to hear that last Reindeer’s hooves land on the last roof in Alaska… In my living room, I was jumping, I was screaming at my flat screen as if the World Series was at a white knuckled ending. I was running down stairs to post updates, then back upstairs to take in more and I could NOT get enough.

You know… Many of you probably don’t know this but this site CJNDaily was originally started by my oldest brother as a Facebook page which turned into a Group and was originally called “Take Back America”.  As it began to grow and fill with members, Facebook took it down. It vanished… We woke up one day and (~**POOF**~) it was gone. I called my brother and he answered the phone and I said… “Did you take the group down?” And of course… You won’t believe what he said next… first silence… then “WHAT?” Then said, “I’ll call you back” and that was it…. We continued communicating on Facebook and we were so angry we were close to just letting it be. But we decided we weren’t going to let them win and so we rolled up OUR sleeves and we went to work. 

Once the site was up and running once again we began to repopulate it with our members. And one day something horrible transpired. All eyes were on a guy named Andrew Breitbart and he was on FIRE. Andrews candle was extinguished but he left one key duty in our hearts and minds “We ARE ALL Citizen Journalists”. This was Andrews Legacy and this was to be the driving factor of our name change from “Take Back America” to “Citizen Journalist News” in Facebook. Today we have launched our web presence CJNDaily with Andrew in our thoughts, hearts, and souls… Andrew was, is and always will be the core of our drive and success. He put the oneness on YOU the Citizen Journalist… Watch his video from one of his last rallies and you will see his drive and initiative that helped spur us ALL on to last nights election victory: Click to view now

Ah but I digress… and much as I want to shout it out to the world this morning, I stand humbled in the shadow of Americas true grass roots and I find myself reflecting our lofty advance. These following thoughts were my waking thoughts this morning. I posted to my Facebook status when I got up and I share it with you, our readers, now in hopes you TOO will fall into lockstep with our focus. To be any other way would lower ourselves to that of the Liberal parties past behavior. Lets take the upper road from here on out.

“Good news: Democrats are scrambling and have their backs against the wall.

Bad news: Sometimes Republicans feel entitled once they are back in control.

Reality: Let the dust settle. No one likes to lose. Loss is devastating. Now is no time to gloat. Now is the time to realize that no matter what the out come last night, only one thing is certain:

There are 7 stages of grief
Shock & Denial
Pain & Guilt
Anger & Bargaining
Depression, Reflection, Loneliness
The upward turn
Reconstruction & working through
Acceptance & and hope

Now is not the time to chest bump and “in your face”, that was last night… In your living rooms and all around America. No today is a new day and regardless how you loath the past, today, this day… is the day to let your silence speak for itself as you roll up your sleeves… Its not over… Its only begun… There is too much work to be done to waste one more second on Liberal fanaticism and folly.”

Congratulations Citizen Journalists… We did it. We ALL did it together… Andrew was right. And this isn’t the end… This is only the beginning.

Lets Roll…. Lets Take Back America.




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Freelance writer and a lifelong Washington Native. Robs articles will generally reflect a Moniker of Robbie G, in honor of his late Uncle “Doc”, who raised him for his first year of life. He credits his writing skill to two very different, and very determined Creative Writing professors at both Bellevue Community College and Seattle University. His career placed him in organizations such as Honeywell Aerospace, Paul Alan's Experience Music Project, Boeing Aerospace, and Microsoft. When not running or Mountain biking, he’s usually, charting and stock trading. Rob and his wife Sandi love traveling, snowshoeing in the winter and Geo cache outings in the summer.

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