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                 The Power of the Vote


Tuesday, 11/04/2014, is another National election day,  Your vote, dear reader, is extremely important. Get out and vote for the person(s) of your choice. If you don’t, it is quite likely someone will be elected you’d rather not have in office. Remember, there is very little that can be done to remove any elected official from any office until the next election.


The American way of life, even Western Civilization, is under attack from both within and without. Only those who actually vote can affect the holders of public office. The last presidential election is a strong lesson. Only the fact that very few people actually voted (many of whom were of special interests groups) allowed Clinton to slip into the Presidency. Only approx.  36% of the nation’s registered voters actually went to the polls. Of those some 43% voted for Clinton. 43% of 36% is 15.48%. Yes, only 15.48% of the registered voters of the USA elected Clinton resulting in those shams; Elders, Shalala, Reno, the largest tax increase in our history, Federal acceptance of homosexuality,etc.


Voting is easily done. Until Thursday the 31st. at 4pm, in Jackson go by the Election Commission located across from the Court House on Baltimore St. At most any other city in Tennessee, absentee or early voting can be done at their courthouse annexes. Any questions as to location or whether you are eligible, 423-6070 is Election Central to answer most any question you have.


There is only one impediment to voting. You should be registered for 30 days prior to being on the voter rolls. But, if you have not yet registered, it is very easily done. When you renew your driver’s license, ask to be registered. If you prefer, call or go by either the Republican or Democratic offices or any of the above mentioned voting places to ask for a registration form or that it be sent to you by mail. No Id., Social Security number, or birth certificate is needed. If you’ve registered but don’t have your card, you can still vote. Tell the people handling the ballots who you are and where you live and they’ll give you a ballot. Simple !


The law doesn’t even require you to show proof of identification. There is a legal penalty should you be caught attempting to register or actually vote illegally. Illegal registration is a class B misdemeanor. Attempting illegal voting is a class A felony and completing an illegal vote is a 3rd degree felony. A judge will decide your degree of guilt should you be caught. Several states have similar laws; some (like Illinois) don’t require prior registration. Go to the polls and make your mark.


If you care at all about who holds political offices, you very much need to vote. For those of a Conservative bent, for those who believe in a God, for those who care what the Public Schools teach our children, for those who think, the next general election of 11/5/96 is of extreme importance. Get out and vote !

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