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I hear my door bell ring followed by banging on the door. Even as the banging subsided and before I could make it to the door the banging grew louder and harder. I picked up my pace and opened the door. Two men were frantic and talking over one another so much it was hard to understand exactly what they were saying. I did, however, understand the basic premise… There was a fire. I quickly grabbed my shoes and put them on and headed out the door.  The troubling part about this concern is primarily due to the fact we all lived in a huge Condominium building. One unit going up in flames means more loss than just that of one person. People were standing in a large group in the parking lot. Some calling 911 others discussing various aspects of the issue. I broke into the crowd and started yelling to garner attention. I knew an elderly lady lived there and I asked, is she here; does anyone here know her; does anyone know if she is in there? The crowd went silent. No responses. Murmers stated amongst themselves again… I took that as a confirmed unknown. I turned, I ran… I went to the door, rang the bell, banged on the door and a handful of people who followed me loudly proclaimed they already tried that. The next few seconds went fast, My mind when into “get it dun” mode. I put my hands on the metal door… not hot I told myself, one step back and I side kicked the door which blew open. Concerned about back draft I moved aside… I didn’t hear the telltale train sound chugging but the smoke was about 4 feet from the floor and I went in…. Alone. The sight of daylight and the din of the sounds outside tapered off as I yelled for the old lady. No response. I made it around the first corner and a funny thing happened… 

The smoke from that fire literally seemed to suck the oxygen out of my body. Your mind is a powerful thing in times of danger… I had an instant flash back of my brother telling me about the same exact thing happening to him in a hotel fire and how the smoke literally seemingly sucked the air out of his body through every pore. And in talking to a fire fighter later on, he said, that is why we use oxygen, because that is what fire does. It consumes oxygen and that is how people die. Recalling that probably saved me from that fate because I also remember him saying he had to crawl on the floor where there was oxygen left and I hit the floor… It worked, I could breath. I made my way to the living room and kitchen area… And through the smoke I saw the fire. It was on the stove. It was a pan left on a burner and the flames were huge. I wet a towel and grabbed the pan and as I did, it ripped the burner out along with it….. I took the whole thing to the parking lot…. I proceeded to pay for my deed for the next several days. Smoke can ruin your day.

The good new… That lady came driving in and said she had put the pan of water on the stove to heat and went to the store never figuring it would be a problem.

The other good news…. The complex didn’t burn down that day.

The interesting part…. out of a huge crowd of onlookers… Only 1 person did something to change what would have been a VERY VERY bad ending had he not been there on that day.

I’m not saying this to boost my own ego. I’m saying this because it makes a point about human nature and why I choose very few people in my life to hold my life line, my safety rope. Because as you look about and see all these people in your life… Very few are capable of stepping up when its necessary. How do I know? Because that isn’t the only time I saved a bad situation from getting worse.  I saved a girl from drowning in the Green River in Auburn Washington.  Her tube flipped and she went under and never surfaced. The current was HARD and FAST but I went after her and as I zoomed past where I last saw her, I blindly reached down for her and out of the grace of GOD I caught her hand. She was wedged. My body weight in the rapids slammed to a stop and I held on like Iron, bounced once, and as the river currents started to put unbelievable forces on me, my arm, her arm she popped up like a bobber and down the river we went. I never knew her name, she was a friend of another friend of the group I went with that day and I never saw her again. But the moral to this one is that again, out of a group… Only 1 guy took action…. And on THAT day…. without me, she was dead. Guaranteed… She would have never survived. I helped a woman who had a seizure when everyone just stood watching. I helped a hispanic man who nearly slipped into a diabetic coma and another who did the same behind the wheel of his car and hit a guard rail… And in every one of these situations… There were plenty of bystanders who did N-O-T-H-I-N-G but gawk… NO one ever gets involved… I’ve seen it over and over and over… I watched a video the other day where a man attacked a woman with a knife and the bystanders literally did NOTHING to help her before She was probably to a state of non survivability.

Here’s my Point… Why does everyone sit in their arm chairs proclaiming to be the warrior they WISH they were but won’t lift a finger to help make ANY difference when confronted with any situation?

Here is my Challenge… I’m Making a difference and I’m never going to stop. But I need Warriors. I need REAL Warriors! I’m tired of the do nothing but talk, “Armchair Warriors” that are seemingly surrounding me constantly. I want folks who stand up without being asked. I am TIRED of leading the charge out of the dorm like John Balushi in Animal house… Only to look behind me to see an empty hallway. If you want to make a difference then come join me… We make a difference One article at a time as CJNDaily. I built this platform because everyone Asked for a Soap Box… And now that it is built? Where did all the “Warriors” Go?

Vapor… and Crickets… All the Warriors voices were reduced to Vapor, and the sound of Crickets… Where are the Warriors… The REAL Warriors who make difference HAPPEN.

If there are any still left in America… I seriously do invite you to join me, us, on Facebook, or on our Platform… at CJNDaily if you write or ever wanted to write. We’re Conservative and we’re taking back America and we’re going to be a cornerstone. Join us, we are Warriors just like you.

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