SHOW US YER FARK!! Silly Farkers… Look What YOU’VE Done. An Ode To Silly Farkers… n Farkin stuff….



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SHOW US YER FARK!! Silly Farkers… Look What YOU’VE Done. An Ode To Silly Farkers… n Farkin stuff…. 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Have you ever been Farked… We got Farked…

I love being Farked…

Being Farked shows me there is life AND hope…. Outside of FaceBook.

Wikipedia explains Fark this way:

“Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. The site receives many story submissions per day and approximately 100 of them are publicly displayed on the site, spread out over the main page and tabs (Entertainment, Sports, Geek, Politics and Business).

Founder Drew Curtis says the stories are selected without intentional political bias, but that he rather tries to run both far-left and far-right articles.[1][2]

Links are submitted by Fark members (collectively referred to as “Farkers”), which admins can approve (“greenlight”) for posting on either the main page or one of the subsidiary tab pages. All links (excluding those of sponsors), whether approved or not, have associated threads where users can comment on the link. Greenlit links can generate upwards of 300,000 page views in one month for the recipient. This can generate such an enormous amount of traffic in such a short time that smaller websites are often rendered inoperable due to congestion or simple server failure. This is colloquially referred to as the website being “farked” by the community.”


However, I choose to explain it this way… “Being Farked is about as close to self inflicted denial of service as you can get and yet… You smile” This site operates on herd mentality. Fark is a good choice because the only other name they could have chosen is perhaps “Lemming Flood” and well, Fark is probably better.

Thanks for pushing us solidly over 70,000 hits. We are trying to push our site over the 100k mark but 70k is a bench mark for us for sure. And during Thanks Giving, you we’re definitely in the Giving Mood.  Check out the Stats jump. Our stats are generally spread over a very even amount of provider in a 24hour period. And previous to a few days ago Fark wasn’t even on the record. However, in yer Ltryptophan gluten induced comas of yesterday, you managed blow through the top our Ranking Chart.

Good work YOU Silly Farkers! Carry On…. Now Go Fark Yer-selves… and others too… ;)

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