The Taliban Screwed the Pooch When They Pissed Off This Mother



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The Taliban have made mistakes before, but one they made recently could go down in history as one of the worst ones they ever made.  The Taliban attacked a village checkpoint in the violent Farah province in Afghanistan, wiping out the small contingent of police guarding it.  Reza Gul saw the attack from her window and she knew that her 25 year old son was working that checkpoint that day.  Then she got mad.

Gul ran from her house with her daughter and daughter in law and she battled the Taliban for seven long hours.  After the battle was finished, Gul and her two relatives were still alive but 25 members of the Taliban could not say the same thing.  Another five were wounded.  This is significant since Muslim fighters believe if they are killed by a woman they just drew the “Go to hell.  Go Directly to hell.  Don not pass Mecca.  Do not collect 72 virgin” card. 

Not surprisingly, the Taliban is refusing to discuss the battle but the ministry of the interior told newspapers that this was a perfect example of the Afghan people fighting back against the tyrannical Taliban who previously ran the country before the Us invasion.  Too bad the Afghan Army doesn’t have the type of guts that mother has.  The Taliban would be extinct by now. 

I would suspect that the Taliban will put a price on her head but I also wonder how hesitant their soldiers might be considering the success she had last time.  Taliban fighters are not afraid of death, but they tremble at the thought of being killed by a woman.



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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

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