Changing “Knockout Game” to “Cop Kill Game” One Kill At A Time!



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• Dec 23rd, 2014 09:40 AM
Changing “Knockout Game” to “Cop Kill Game” One Kill At A Time!
by Robbie G
Citizen Journalist News
Copyright 2014


If you don’t read this to the end, then you are no different then them… And if you end up like my family, no one will care.

I open Google this morning and what do I see?

cop killing statistics

cop killing spree

cop killing brown

cop killing michael brown


I ask myself… Why? Why am I seeing this…. Well… Let me ask you a series of  questions.

#1. If you earned a CWP or CCP, [Concealed Carry permit]however you’ve come to know it. Should the police target you because you bent over in a store to reach something off a lower shelf and your hand gun was momentarily exposed to a fellow shopper or bystander.

#2. If you are being pulled over and the freeway you are on is barreled off to one lane for roadwork leaving only the far left lane open for travel. Should you stop in the middle of that lane?

#3. If the exit is dark and you are not sure about the cop behind you… And your business which is well lighted is just a few blocks around the corner… Is it okay to pull into a lighted area?

While we are taught to believe the Answer are?

The police see it as

And that difference can mean that your son or daughter or brother may be legally killed by police and you will have no say about it.

So why cry when some Police start seeing their own style of Justice…. Innocent or not innocent?


This is not a Black vs White issue! The only reason the Media is seeing it as such is because they are ignoring all the White folk being legally targeted and killed by Police. Aghast you say, How can I say such a thing?  Because my brother was one such statistic. And this is what happened and why you nor I can do anything about it?

Steve, my second oldest brother was a Tow Truck driver for Allicat Towing in Olympia Washington, our Capital City. His business location was just off  the 93rd St exit; a well lighted place.  Steve resided on the property for security reasons. And for security reasons, he had a Conceal Carry permit. He also performed repos for which he also required a CCP. While in a Grocery Store in Tumwater WA just outside of Olympia, a fellow shopper spied his hand gun in his waste band holster when he leaned over. That shopper called the Police… Steve was hence forcefully subdued in the store as if he were a criminal by the Police. He wa taken to the parking lot where many more police were rapidly gathering…. Steve, when given the chance, was allowed to present his CCP. The lead Cop held his gun up in presentation to the crowd of officers and began yelling to the crowd: “This mans name is Steven Michael Greves… He carries a fully loaded Bull Pup 44. Mr. Greves  has a Concealed Carry Permit. You all need to know this man is armed at all times….. etc etc…”. They returned his weapon and told him to leave. He left the area and returned to his business location.  He called my brother and related what had just happened. He seemed extremely worried at how the police conducted themselves and at the level of hostility they displayed.

About two weeks later…. He pulled off the same exit. Seeing the same gathering of Police he decided to pull a u-turn and continue on to his business location. The pack of Cops saw his vehicle and launched out after him. Steve was on the freeway when the first Cop caught up to him. With the freeway barreled off all the way to the center lane he had nowhere to pull over. He, by their reports own admission, never broke the speed limit, used blinkers etc, and traveled to the first exit which was 93rd. He pulled up to 93rd, put his left blinker on and prepared to make a left and pull down to his business and park.

A Rookie State Patrol man was behind him. Also according to the Report the Rookie asked permission to Pit Maneuver the vehicle and it was not granted. He did it anyway. Steve Drove a lifted Toyota truck with balloon tires. The action of the Illegal Pit Maneuver spun his truck and slammed it, through the force of the cop laying on his gas, into the guard rail… Subsequently, Steve’s front left tire popped from the impact with the guardrail… The Rookie cop, after hearing the tire pop stated over the radio, he was under fire and proceed to unload his service revolver into the cab of my brothers truck. During the time he did so, he shot his own mirror off his patrol car and further thought he was being shot at and therefore continued to riddle the cab of my brothers truck with lead.

Steve was extracted from his truck… They cut his seat-belt and drug him into the center of the road. The medical examiner stated he was laying in a fetal position, hands over his head when the final bullet that killed him was fired. How do they know this… They place a rod through the hole in the body, and the hole began in his lower back, went through his lungs, out his chest, proceeded directly through a pocket bible he carried in his shirt pocket, then struck his wrist watch band, so they know the exact position he was in while being fired upon.

Steve was still alive when they removed him… But they told medics to stand down. And in the report.. The cops own statement was that he” stood over Steve until he breathed his last breath”. Then they allowed the medics to enter.

Here is how it goes from there….

The officer is sent on a free all expense paid leave, or as they endearingly and laughingly call it… “Paid Vacation”.  An inquest is held and in that process they ask pretty much one thing…. “Was the involved Officer in fear for his own life?” The answer is, of course… Always, “Yes”… Even just recently when they shot a small boy playing with his toy gun in park… The answer will be “YES” I was in fear for my life! Once they deem the officer was in fear for his own life because he said he was… It becomes “Justified Homicide”.  And its back to Police Thuggery as usual…. The Blue Shield polices their own. Its like allowing ISIS to hold Court for ISIS killers who behead Americans and Christians.

This is not a Black issue…. This is a “Police STATE” Issue. We are becoming Nazi Germany. Police are escalating POLICE VIOLENCE. They are paid Bandit THUGS…. They legally pull you over for any reason they deem fit and extort money from you. They no longer protect and serve, they are America’s highway Thugs whose only mission is to extract more money from the population. They are bandits. Sure they pepper their usual daily thievery procedures with saving a cat here or an old lady there or god forbid, help out with roadway mayhem but then its right back to air and freeway surveillance for the purposes of theft. And until you leave this country and go visit someplace like Germany, you won’t realize how hot the boiling pot is getting here.

I spent two weeks in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I traveled in excess of 110 mph on their freeways the entire time I traveled between countries. I never saw a single cop on the freeway, well actually I did see one and while I personally panicked, other drivers just seemed to go faster and leave me behind. I paralleled the cop who just exited at the next exit and it hit me how over policed WE are in the States. We are Nazi Germany. We are a Police State. And if you ask me… its time we started pushing back. Nothing will bring my brother back. And if I told you about what transpired after he was legally murdered, your jaw would literally drop in disbelief but we’ll save that for another day, perhaps a book as its too much to discuss.

[Insert Request for Ghost Writer here]
If you are a Ghost Writer and want a good book deal with a percentage of profit… Apply within. This real life story spirals into unfathomable depths even YOU will have a hard time wrapping your mind around.

Our family businesses were targeted and destroyed. [Reads businesses, not business] My oldest brother who tried to stand up to the injustice was personally targeted and his business was destroyed. My other brothers business was also targeted and destroyed. Not one counselor ever contacted my mother or our family… Lawyers fled one after another from the very legitimate threats they received, and their phones were tapped, and all the while, Police spin doctors worked their magic using the local news channels. Legal fees would have been started in the 200k range, and that, according to the lawyers we worked with was merely a starting point…  Eventually, everyone ran scared. We attempted to work with the FBI but they in turn, took our information and instead, helped bolster the position of the police. They LITERALLY gave the Police our game plan… how can you fight organized thuggery like that? The answer to that is… You cannot!

This is the truth… and it happened to me and my family. And you can choose to heed it or not. But if you don’t and it happens to you… Then good luck. The general opinion is… Hey, it happened to you and not me so who really cares. The answer is… “No One”. That’s who cares. But know this… It’s not a black vs White issue… Its an “Absolute Power, Corrupts, Absolutely” And if there is a Lawyer out there with enough balls to take this case on Pro Bono… Bring it, You will win… But I doubt one exists because you all are just as corrupt as the the Law Enforcers…. Oh that’s right, you are Law Enforcers…. How silly of me to think you were here for us and not just money.


pro bo·no pu·bli·co
ˌprō ˈbônō ˈpo͞obliˌkō,ˈbōnō ˈpəbliˌkō/
adverb & adjective
  1. for the public good.
    “the burden they carried pro bono publico”
    • North American
      denoting work undertaken for the public good without charge, especially legal work for a client.

      Hahaha…. now that’s funny… I needed a good laugh after writing that.





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