Obama’s Amnesty Program Just took a Hard Kick in the Cojones



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Obama’s amnesty program just took a huge hit when Judge Andrew S Hanen, a Bush appointee, was chosen to hear the state’s case against nearly universal amnesty for all, including violent criminals.  This is not the first time Obama’s legal team have gone up against Hanen, who refuses to legislate from the bench and demands strict adherence to the constitution.  That case was also about immigration and the judge at that time said that Obama’s lack of enforcement of the border and an immigration office that works as an advocate for illegal aliens and declared that policy is “dangerous and unconscionable.”

Twenty states are challenging the illegal and unconstitutional use of executive power, led by Greg Abbott of Texas.  Abbott tried to explain what the suit is about:

“It’s the Constitution itself that is under assault by the president of the United States by this executive order.  This lawsuit is not about immigration. The issue in this lawsuit is abuse of executive power.”

Judge Hanen has already gone on the record as chastising the Department of Homeland Security for failing to do their job.  In a ten page document explaining his decision in that case, Judge Hanen ripped both the DHS and the Obama administration for refusing to enforce the border.  In that decision, Hanen derided them for not deporting the illegal immigrant children and instead allowed them to stay in the United States:

“The DHS should cease telling the citizens of the United States that it is enforcing our border security laws because it is clearly not.  Even worse, it is helping those who violate these laws.”

Experts on both sides of the argument agree that drawing Hanen is a huge advantage for the states and will in all likelihood put Obama’s amnesty at risk.  But don’t start feeling cocky about it.  If I know this administration, and I do, they will appeal and stall until they can allow the illegals to “disappear” from view, so that future deportation will be impossible.
Ultimately, the argument will make it’s way to the Supreme Court.  So, even though Hanen’s decision will be appealed and tossed out by one of the courts Obama and Reid packed with obstructionists and activist judges, the dissenting opinion by a federal court sets up just the kind of split decision which requires interpretation by the nation’s highest court.
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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

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