President Prefers to Lose American Lives Than to Use Harshly Interrogation on Terrorists



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Josh Earnest told reporters today that the president feels that the fact that harsh interrogations did save the US from more attacks like the one that occurred on 9/11, that is just a “small question” and the fact we using harsh interrogations is the main question.  Therefore, given the choice, Obama would prefer that thousands Americans should die as opposed to faking drowning a terrorist?  This horse’s pa-toot is out of his ever loving mind.  This is why we need to elect an American as president next time. 

What is really going on here is that the democrats were burned in the election are looking for a way to distract their “stupid voters” before 2016.    They destroyed themselves with Obamacare and now amnesty and are looking for some way to reduce the heat and to demonize republicans.  But, I have news for those who’s mommies were commies (Barry, et al) Americans aren’t losing any sleep over a pretend drowning of a terrorist, but they are against another 9/11 attack on Americans.  First we had the war on blacks , then the war on women and now the war on terrorists?  What a freaking novel idea.

Even Obama’s own CIA director disagrees with the administration on this.  Three former CIA directors and a few officials from the CIA wrote a joint letter praising the results of the harsh interrogation and how the program saved American lives and the lives in the countries of our allies.  Although Earnest did walk back his small issue statement slightly, he left no doubt who Obama sides with.  Here is an exchange between Jonathon Karl of Fox News and Josh Earnest of Terrorists R Us:

Karl pressed, “Did it save lives?”

Earnest responded: “The most important question is: Should we have done it? And the answer is no. The president does not believe that the use of enhanced interrogation techniques was good for our national security. He does not believe that it was good for our moral authority. He believes it undermined our moral authority.”

CIA Director John Brennan on Tuesday objected to the Senate report’s conclusion that the techniques produced no actionable intelligence, saying that a CIA review “indicates that interrogations of detainees on whom [enhanced interrogation techniques] were used did produce intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives.”

Earnest described Brennan as a “decorated professional and a patriot” whom the president relies on and said in response to a different question that he does not believe Brennan would lie.

“But is he right on this? This is not a small question,” Karl followed.

“It’s not a small question, but it’s a smaller question than whether these interrogation techniques are worth it,” Earnest said.

Karl cited other CIA officials who have said the enhanced interrogation techniques prevented another mass casualty attack on the U.S. and its allies.

“How can the president say they weren’t worth it? Is it better to see those lives lost?” Karl asked.

“Of course not,” Earnest responded. “What the president believes is our moral authority is critically important representing our interests and protecting the United States of America and the use of these techniques undermines that authority. It degrades our authority to negotiate with allies and partners all around the globe. It hurts our standing in the world.”

Obama Hussein bin Laden at work.

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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

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