Single Payer Healthcare Myth Exploded in Vermont



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For years liberals have been crying that to truly save money on healthcare requires a single payer system.  Like Canada’s?  Like Great Britain’s?  “Free” healthcare is hardly free.  In order to pay for their “free” healthcare, Canada has a sales tax which can be as high as 15% depending on where you live. 

Cigarette taxes?:


* Note: The following rates are for the island of Newfoundland. Different tax rules apply to Labrador, where lower taxes have been applied to stem smuggling from Quebec.

Carton of 200 cigarettes

  • The manufacturers’ price (as of October, 1997) is $9.69.
  • The federal excise duty is $5.50.
  • The federal excise tax is $5.36.
  • The provincial tobacco tax is $22.00.
  • The wholesale/retail margin is about 14%, or $5.96.
  • The H.S.T. adds 15%, or 7.28.
  • The total price is therefore $55.79.

Gasoline taxes:

Comparing gasoline taxes across Canada

There are assorted other taxes used in raising money so that citizens can wait for months for testing we can get here in just 3 days. 

But does all of this become worth it because it reduces costs?  Ask Vermont.

Not too long ago, Vermont was bragging that they would finally bring single payer healthcare to the their state.  Liberals crowed, stuck out their chests and patted each other on the back.  The problem they have is after the rhetoric subsides, reality sets in.  The numbers they threw about were not within the realm of reality.  So when they began figuring up the cost of single payer health and figuring in the federal subsidies and Medicare and Medicaid payments from the feds, they would have to impose a state income tax of over 11%.  The federal money could not be estimated and the real amounts were less than half what they maintained they were.

Furthermore, after evaluating the cost on businesses, it became quite clear that they could not afford the cost of doing business in Vermont.  As a result, Governor Peter Shumlin has announced that he is trashing his signature campaign issue and will resort to a regular state exchange.  Shumlin ran on the single payer healthcare.  He barely beat his republican challenger and the race will have to be decided by the Vermont legislature in January because he failed to get 50% of the vote in one of the bluest states in America.  Shumlin will win because of the huge majority the liberals have over conservatives.

To make things bleaker for progressives and the single payer systems is that Vermont only has a population of 626,630.  If Vermont cannot do single payer with such a small population, then how can the US with a population of 319,404,381 ever hope to achieve it?  Now toss in the 1 million dreamers and the five million additional illegals Obama will give work permits to who most of will require 100% subsidies for their healthcare.  How could this ever be affordable?

Yet, I predict as Obamacare slowly self destructs, the liberals will once again claim the only way to save healthcare is to institute single payer healthcare.

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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

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