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The state of Texas is on the cusp of rolling back 140 years of history next year, when they take up the open carry of handguns.  With a lopsided majority in the legislature and Greg Abbott, a huge 2nd Amendment supporter as governor, passage is almost assured.  As Abbott said:

“If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it’s good enough for the state of Texas.”

Texas will become the largest state to have open carry.  And Texans are most likely to have open carry guns everywhere you go.  The legislature will also be forced to add an amendment which would disallow individual cities from banning open carry or they could make state law superior in every dispute, where cities try to counteract the Texas legislature. 

The bill will be opposed by Everytown USA, Moms Demand Action and Local 123 of the United Brotherhood of Hardened criminals, a subsidiary of the SEIU.  (Removes tongue from cheek)  No word on whether Wendy Davis, badly failed candidate for governor will break out her pink tennis shoes and try to filibuster open carry.  Open Carry Texas has been protesting the ban on open carry for many months now.  They have been walking the streets, carrying their rifles and shotguns to show the absurdity of banning handguns. 

The Texas legislature is made up of 31 state senators and 150 members in their House of Representatives.  They are a part time legislature, who will next meet in January of 2015.  The Texas constitution is limited to no more than 140 days a year.  Republicans control the senate by 19-12 and the legislature by 85-65.  Legislators make only $7,200 a year.

A day after his election as the new governor of Texas, Greg Abbott declared that he intended to push open carry through before their session ends in May.


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Steven Ahle

Steven Ahle

Steven H Ahle is the editor of Red Statements and the 2014 JOTY winner. He is an accredited journalist, whose investigations led to the discovery that the AFL-CIO was using voter intimidation tactics in 2012. In 2013, he exposed the fact that Homeland Security was teaching local law enforcement to target Christians as terrorists in what became a national news story. Like my page on Facebook and never miss another story https://www.facebook.com/redstatements Follow me on Facebook to see all the articles I write for various sites https://www.facebook.com/stevenh.ahle

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