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It’s bothersome that some that shouldn’t be… are being indoctrinated into the liberal line of thinking. Chris Kyle did what he did because he joined the military and was trained to do it… because early on he showed an ability that the military looks for.

To listen to some of the comments of others based on his personal comments or certain ways he “conducted” himself is pathetic. What does ANYONE expect a military sniper to be? Listening to those that are talking… you would think that if someone can’t rack up 160 confirmed kills and 255 probable kills and somehow be a saint… there is something wrong with their reality.

STOP! Chris Kyle was who he was with all his faults… just like the rest of us on this earth. What he did was what he was asked to do by the military in an effort to do what our military does in any war. Protect their own and win the day. It doesn’t matter that these comments are coming from someone who is or has been in the military… or not. There is no reason to listen to them. This is the view that comes out of the mouths of people who are either jealous of another’s accomplishments or they are on a completely opposite ideological level.

Either way… Chris Kyle made the decision to join the military… something that is lauded by many every day. He answered his nation’s call to go to places that he didn’t want to be in… and did what he was trained and ordered to do and did it well. THAT is why he is great… THAT is what he did better than most… THAT is what Chris Kyle should be remembered for… NOT for someone’s belief that he is terrible because of something he said or the way he viewed his enemy.

We see that enemy doing what they are doing around the world every day and talk about the lack of their humanity. Chris Kyle saw them for what they are, described it and believed it… in part… to help himself deal with the job that he had to do. Because of that… these same people view him as a psychopath, a serial killer or a nut job or all of the above.

Chris Kyle is a hero… the kind of hero that America needs. If you think… based on the continued plague of political correctness that we are currently suffering through… that a new standard by which someone who did the job that Chris Kyle did as effectively as he did… somehow has a responsibility to ANYONE to balance their job with someone else’s view of what their persona should or needs to be… YOU are the ones with the problem.

R.I.P Chris Kyle… a job well done Soldier.   




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