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• Jan 22, 2015 11:30 AM
State Of The Union Guest – Obama & His Traveling roadshow !
by Robbie G
Citizen Journalist News
Copyright 2015






Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!
There behind a glass is a real blade of grass
be careful as you pass.
Move along! Move along!

Come inside, the show’s about to start
guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth.
You’ve got to see the show, it’s a dynamo.
You’ve got to see the show, it’s rock and roll ….

Right before your eyes we pull laughter from the skies
And he laughs until he cries then he dies then he dies
Come inside the shows about to start
Guaranteed to blow your head apart

You gotta see the show
It’s a dynamo
You gotta see the show
It’s rock and roll

Soon the Gypsy Queen in a glaze of Vaseline
Will perform on guillotine
What a scene! What a scene!
Next upon the stand will you please extend a hand
to Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Dixie land, Dixie land
Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!
See the show!

Performing on a stool we’ve a sight to make you drool
Seventy two virgins and a mule
Keep it cool. Keep it cool.
We would like it to be known the exhibits that were shown
were exclusively our own,
All our own. All our own.
Come and see the show! Come and see the show! Come and see the show!
See the show!


Did you see Obamas Magic  show?

Did you miss it?

Did you see his sleight of hand?

Did you catch it?

Do you see it now?

Oh my GOD” you are saying right about now… “The GUY is AMAZING”… “HE GOT US AGAIN”!

And Well… what a show it was…



~Rebekah Erler’s story~


It begins with our economy.

A Waitress and a construction worker
A baby on the way
Disaster strikes… Construction fails
Jobs are scarce
Loans pile up
Sacrifices are made but began to pay off
They bought a home
A Second baby born
Better jobs came
Then a raise in pay
Construction Jobs come back
Hard times are conqurered

They represent millions.
They are the reason he ran for this office
They are the people he was thinking of six years ago


But hold the show… Did you just see that? The master magician is hard at work and his hands are lightening FAST. While he waved Rebekah Erler in front of you with one hand… Watch the other hand carefully.

Rebekah Erler isn’t who you think she is at all. Rebekah Erler is a Magicians prop… A plant in the audience, made to look like just another example of you and me.

Yes… Sadly, Rebekah Erler… is a Shill

So just who is Rebekah Erler?

Rebekah Erler and her husband Ben were showcased by our Magician as a Newlywed couple who were discovered by him after she wrote a letter to him last March about their economic hardships. And true to form she was presented as an example of economic recovery by our Magician in his show as proof  his policies created from smoke and mirrors are working.

Sadly all, yes, all… 100% lies.

Here’s the part our Magician failed to mention, and here is where the illusion of magic begins to play out.

Erler is a former Democratic campaign operative, who worked as a field organizer for Sen. Patty Murray,  a Democrat from Washington State.

Additional sources state our Magician spent a “day in the life” of Erler in June 2014 so he could have “an opportunity to communicate directly with the people he’s working for every day.”

Furthermore, Reuters exposed Erler’s Democratic ties following thw bizarre event. Additionally, Minnesota’s Republican Party attacked our Master Magician for being “so out of touch with reality that he thinks a former Democrat campaign staffer speaks for every Minnesotan.”

Rush Limbaugh also pointed out on his radio show, the following points:

She was a plant. She’s a former Democrat campaign staffer for Senator Patty Murray. She has been used as a plant prior to this night by Obama for the exact same purpose. She’s not a real success story. She is bought and paid for by the Democrat Party. And she had a job last night. She was assigned to portray an average American citizen seated next to Michelle (My Belle) Obama during the State of the Union show. Why do I want to watch this garbage, folks?

You know, why use a fake? Why not go out and find a real person? If your economic policies are so wonderful, and if everything you’ve done for the middle class is so great — and if this economy roaring back is so legitimate, if it’s so genuine — it should have been easy to find someone who legitimately came back from genuine hardship. It should have been all over the place out there, right? America should be filled with these stories.”




If you’re not shaking your head yet… If you haven’t already executed at least three facepalms… Then wait… There’s more.


I’ll leave you with some food for thought. With all we know about our Magician and from where we’re pretty sure he came from and also whom he REALLY supports… But he leaves us with yet one more comment to ponder.

“Here’s one example. During World War II, when men like my grandfather went off to war, having women like my grandmother in the workforce was a national security priority – so this country provided universal childcare. “

The correct story is that Mr. Obama’s great uncle, Charlie Payne – his grandmother’s brother – actually helped liberate Ohrdruf, a sub-camp of Buchenwald. Mr. Payne was a member of the 89th Infantry Division. which literally has little to do with his grandfather.

Hope you enjoyed the show… Ya’ll come again next year, ya’hear?

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Freelance writer and a lifelong Washington Native. Robs articles will generally reflect a Moniker of Robbie G, in honor of his late Uncle “Doc”, who raised him for his first year of life. He credits his writing skill to two very different, and very determined Creative Writing professors at both Bellevue Community College and Seattle University. His career placed him in organizations such as Honeywell Aerospace, Paul Alan's Experience Music Project, Boeing Aerospace, and Microsoft. When not running or Mountain biking, he’s usually, charting and stock trading. Rob and his wife Sandi love traveling, snowshoeing in the winter and Geo cache outings in the summer.

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