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• Jan 13, 2015 12:00 pM
by Robbie G
Citizen Journalist News
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It wasn’t the 560 THOUSAND PLUS Fedex “Don’t be Yellow, Dump Boehner” letters delivered to the door of Congress, [basically ignored by Congress],  which has shaken Conservative Congress to their Core.

 UntitledAnd it wasn’t from being inundated by emails from “We The People” [You know, EVERY Congressman’s BOSS] asking to REMOVE Boehner from his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives, which again were obviously round filed.

It wasn’t because every phone line became jammed solid for DAY’s to a point where every line which was answered, made a similar request, and we ALL WELL KNOW what that request referenced. No Folks,  wasn’t that at all, because while We The People fielded all those calls… Your Congressman was pleasuring him/her self at a Holiday Gala, basking in the sun somewhere, sleeping, or playing golf. All they ever heard were rumors of their peons toils whose job it was to answer those calls.

It was quite entirely something else! Something FAR BIGGER, something now haunting halls of Conservative Congress. Something being whispered in corner offices and between passersbys in halls. Comments uttered quietly under the breath to ears near and far.

And its not stopping.

Matter of FACT, its still gaining momentum.

Yes, sadly true, Congress basically went rogue against the wishes of We The People, and re-elected the one person, nearly 70% of  Republican BASE, wanted removed.

And when I say “BASE”, I mean BASE!

Base isn’t wishy washy party swappers who slip slide, side to side like soapy sloppy water in a basin, or the free flowing wind with their touchy feel goody vote casting. Absolutely, on the contrary, we’re talking hard cold foundation Republicans. We’re talking America’s dyed in the WOOL, CONSERVATIVE BASE! We’re talking about the people who put Congressional Members where they ARE, and if you ARE a Conservative Congress Member, we’re talking…  ABOUT YOU and guess what? We The People ARE YOUR Boss, like it or NOT, and you just spit in the face of every American Conservative BASE Supporter by re-electing John Boehner against the direction of your Bosses request. And those who did so… You’d BEST HOPE Boehner changes his Status Quo direction he has thus far been inclined to follow. As he settles in and continues “HIS STYLE” of Politics as usual, YOUR Name is going to be permanently STAMPED on his BRAND of Politics. And THAT will spell Political disaster for YOUR Political Future. Remember… it was YOU who chose to stand against the will of the People and support a sell out.

Now I’m going to say something here on behalf of the process just to be fair. Had John Boehner been taken out…

Would it mean one of the two who tossed their hat in the ring take over? No!
Does it mean Nancy Pelosi takes over? No…
But to be fair, if any one of those three did grab enough votes then YES, it’s a possibility.

So what needed to be done?
It’s simple… YOU as our Conservative VOICE needed a plan. A plan of action which ensured, Nancy wouldn’t receive a majority vote. And since we’re sure the other two wouldn’t be winners by any means, our second move would be to place someone popular in the running OR strategically split votes so NO ONE received the required number of votes necessary to be selected as a new House Speaker.  What happens next? Well… Its a magical thing… We reopen the process and allow anyone interested in becoming the new House Speaker to throw their name in the hat. This way, no one is seen as trying to “Unseat” Boehner… He already lost since he couldn’t garner enough votes. Then we do what America is ASKING… We replace the Liberal Turncoat Boehner and we get on with business as usual. YOU CONTROL THE HOUSE FOR GOD’S SAKE. But you believe you can pull this charade off because YOU think American People are too dumb to know how the REAL Process works. If you control the House and you control the process… Its good for Congress, it’s the responsible thing to do when YOUR BOSS tells you to DO IT. It’s good for the American people… Remember them? YOUR BOSS? AND, it’s GOOD for AMERICA! It shows a willingness to turn this ship around and get it going in the right direction… The direction of the peoples WILL. What do we have to do to make you all LISTEN… ?

I’ll tell you what we need to do… We need to send the GOP the way of the Whigs… Off into the annals of history as yet another antiquated rhino controlled good ol boy party who felt they THEMSELVES were the voice of the people and that their will is the will of the people, people be damned.

So what has Boehner done now… Well, John has sent 25 good Conservative members to the Tea Party… And why is that? For the same reason no one wished to oppose him in the first place. For fear of retribution and guess what… He proved those who voted for him out of fear of retribution CORRECT. He went on a retaliation BINGE WHICH BY THE WAY, is against the Rules of Congresses Accountability Act as can be seen below. If Boehner thinks HE is Angry… Just wait until you see how ANGRY those are who opposed him AND also along with THEM… Those who are watching him screw those who opposed him… While everyone is smiling and clapping and shaking hands and standing for photo ops and kissing babies as usual… There is an undertow tide forming under Johnnyboy… Trust me… I know politics and I know politics WELL. And Johnny does too… Which surprises me he would retaliate when literally EVERY EYE in AMERICA is upon him and his ACTIONS. And once again… His actions reflect just how rogue this man has gone with his hunger for power. He believes he is like Obama, Holder Reid and Pelosi… untouchable. But when you screw your base… You are no longer Teflon my friend. You are done and it’s now just a matter of time… Because after that… if there were ANY who still weren’t paying attention… trust me when I say… we are all 100% fully Awake and watching you NOW!


In some cases, the Board identifies Congressional exemptions from entire statutes, such as the Notification and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002, commonly known as the NoFEAR Act, Public Law 407-174 (2002). In the NoFEAR Act, Congress found that “agencies cannot be run effectively if those agencies practice or tolerate discrimination.” Public Law 407-174, Title I, General Provisions, section 101(1). The NoFEAR Act requires agencies to provide notice and anti-discrimination training to Federal employees of their rights and protections under Federal anti-discrimination and whistleblower protection laws. While the anti-discrimination protections apply to the Legislative Branch, the obligation to train Legislative Branch employees and post notices about their rights does not. This is despite the fact that training and notice posting under the NoFEAR Act have been successful in lowering not only the number of complaints but also the cases of actual discrimination in the Federal government. As we have in past years, we include a recommendation that requires such training for all Legislative Branch employees.
If you are unfamiliar with exactly how our “Legislative Branch” is comprised, click here. No worries, not everyone is a Constitutional Scholar.
Now those voices heard whispering.. Those are voices which will soon be screaming in unison loudly if and when you begin to screw us again. Those aren’t only voices of 25 Patriots who opposed Boehner. Those are OTHERS over and BEYOND the 25. Those will be voices of many others who are watching for what they fear may come true. And you know what? There are rules against retaliation and retribution of others who contest a member of Congress. To do what Boehner has done is bad enough when no one is paying attention, but when Americas are as DIALED in as they are RIGHT NOW… It’s Political Suicide.
And that is just how stupid, and out of control Boehner is, or how power mad he has become. Your WILL is no longer yours, it is HIS will be done and every American who protests it can go to hell.
Guess what folks… Unlike an elected position, although rules for removal are not clearly addressed, it is completely possible to remove and reelect a House Speaker at ANYTIME his/her removal is deemed necessary.
And guess who will benefit?
That’s right… The Pure Constitutionalists who want America BACK ON TRACK.
The Tea Party.
Watch your step Johnny Boehner! Watch your Step! It ain’t over till it’s over and this isn’t over. All eyes are on you and your unprofessional actions which are clearly outside Congressional rules of Congress where retaliation and retribution is addressed when someone chooses disagree with you!



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