Superbowl 2015 – I’ve Never Been So Sick…

Super Bowl XLIX


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No Seriously… I was sick, with the flu. I’ve lived in Washington State for over 50 years. I lived in Seattle since I was 24 years old. The year before last I left Seattle for Spokane and guess what… The Hawks win the Superbowl. Can you even imagine how that feels to have them win the year I am in Spokane? It was as if God himself was punishing me.

Well… I got over it. We put a LOT of money into their Stadium. We tore down a COMPLETELY good Stadium which I actually loved and had YEARS of history in, not to mention memories. If you were never inside the Kingdome, I pity you… The site from the 3r level was surreal.  I recall going to the Stone’s “Turn It Up” tour in the early 80’s and we got in the door by scoring some third level tickets. People on the ground looked literally like Ants in an Ant nest. Okay but I digress… That is not what we are here to discuss.

Well… year two of Rob in Spokane and guess what, God must REALLY be trying to teach me some kind of lesson. Guess who goes all the way again. Yep, and just in CASE I thought for one solitary moment I was going to go enjoy it somewhere… He gives me the flu. Thats right… But in a kind way. He SMACKS me with the Flu on the Monday before the game, so I could at LEAST somewhat enjoy the day come Sunday.

The Game was wild… We fall back we catch up… All looks lost, we pull nothing short of a miracle out of the bag. Could you EVEN imagine how the Patriots felt when the ball was deemed still in play…. Yeah you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about… I suspect they felt just like WE did when the final play was intercepted. It goes both ways folks… Everyone wants to win.

There was a LOT at stake on this game with it being a back to back opportunity.

My friend Donna made the following statement and to me, it really resonated. Here is what she said:  Donna EvansI say the Pats didn’t win the game – the Hawks lost it. Oh well.”

The more I thought about that… The more sense it made, great point Donna.

There is a LOT of back and forth about what transpired, why what happened, how it happened. How it could have been different, how it should have been different. Who should take the fall, who should man up and take blame. Who should have followed what advice, and who should have ignored it. Who should have thrown sooner, who should have ran harder and been more aggressive, less aggressive, etc

There is a lot of scorn being tossed at the Patriots about their post game behavior and if the Patriots deserved to win or if the Hawks deserved to win.  But how quickly WE forget Sherman’s 2014 post game interview behavior. And lest we NOT forget… The Patriots aren’t something to turn your nose up to when you have NEVER won the Superbow back to back. But you know who HAS….  The Patriots. They did win 2 Super Bowls back to back in 2003 & 2004.  So everyone on both sides needs to eat a little humble pie in my opinion. This all boils down to high school mentality of whose better than the other and in my opinion… No one Wins THAT award.

But you know what… The worst thing I think I have heard is  a statement from Chris Chase in an article he wrote for USA Today where he actually said the following:

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, this Super Bowl error almost negates last year’s win”.

While I agree with much of the infighting and many points being made are just that,  points,  saying what Chase said…  this play almost negates last years win is ridiculous.

In my honest and humble opinion, one mistake doesn’t eliminate two years of excellence and no one can ever take that from them.

Here’s is the simple reality I choose to instead believe… its not as complex as all the rest. It’s just simple human nature…

I think they just thought it was gonna be a “Field Of dreams” ending where he looooofts the ball high and mightly through the air and it catches amazing hang time…

as the seconds tick away in slow motion and it lands amazingly into the loving hands of his highly adept team mate and suddenly…

EVERYONE’S a Winner…

Everything goes BACK into fast motion in the blink of an eye….

And the touch down is made and history is in the making and we are all HERO’S…..

Rather than just plow the three feet in beast mode with lynch and get er dun…. Not so flowery that way, ya know?

Alas… the plan failed…

I cannot take away two solid years of exceptional playing over one mistake.
Albeit a very serious mistake.
But here’s the positive spin…
No one will EVER forget the Hawks were at the Super bowl
In a ROW!
Go HAWKS… We Still Stand Behind all you have done. And Well Done it was.
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Freelance writer and a lifelong Washington Native. Robs articles will generally reflect a Moniker of Robbie G, in honor of his late Uncle “Doc”, who raised him for his first year of life. He credits his writing skill to two very different, and very determined Creative Writing professors at both Bellevue Community College and Seattle University. His career placed him in organizations such as Honeywell Aerospace, Paul Alan's Experience Music Project, Boeing Aerospace, and Microsoft. When not running or Mountain biking, he’s usually, charting and stock trading. Rob and his wife Sandi love traveling, snowshoeing in the winter and Geo cache outings in the summer.

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Super Bowl XLIX

Superbowl 2015 – I’ve Never Been So Sick…

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