The End For Hillary & President Obama 2016?

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• Apr 05, 2015 1:30 PM
The End For Hillary & President Obama 2016?
by Robbie G
Citizen Journalist News
Copyright 2015

President Obama 2016 – While the world watched, Benghazi burned, lives were lost and assistance was refused. Since that night the stonewalling began and never stopped. Crimes have been committed and overlooked. Lies took center stage and were white washed. And to this very day… the very person who wants to become your next president continues to lie, mislead, and destroy key evidence in the face of any attempt at justice.

The White House has suddenly seemingly cut the umbilical cord of support for our dear Hillary. They suddenly have left her afloat in anti gravity to clutch at straws for survival. Her best and only defense is silence and to focus on running for POTUS as if nothing at all has transpired. Oddly enough she is drawing a few stubborn, hard core dyed in the wool Liberal backers for support but the list is short and the names are over publicized in hopes their mere presence will draw more suckers. But… The well of  life saving campaign water is running dry even as it attempt to gain traction. Furthermore… anyone aligning with Hillary at this point only serves to damage their OWN reputation…. Take De Niro for instance… Say goodbye to half your income my friend. You may be supporting Hillary by endorsing her but you just lost half your paying viewers. For folks like this… I hope you never plan on going broke because you just committed paying viewer suicide. Same goes for Corporations who endorse corrupt political figures… My advice… Hot Potato… Pull those endorsements, minimize the damage you have already caused yourself, and walk away.

The real question everyone should be asking is this… Why would the White House let Hillary twist in the wind like that when she is the only real hope the Liberal party has of maintaining control of the Presidential powers. She is a woman and everyone believes the US is ready for a woman… But hey, they thought the same about a person of color too… And now look what we have? In a nutshell, world disaster, US collapse Nation wide and this guys answer to Mayhem running rampart? That’s right… Take a vacation… Go Golfing… All on the backs of struggling Americans. So again… Why? Why would they cut their front runner loose and let her take the fall. Well there are two reasons actually… The first is because they intend the US to implode from his massive unprecedented failures… BUT we are pretty sure America is like a puncture proof tire and we survived Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter and we too will survive this wing-nut and his disastrous policies.  So what else could they be thinking? All the while Hillary continues to destroy data and scrub data drives to bury the truth of what happened in Benghazi in-order to save the Presidents hide while he continues to distance himself and allow her to falter and fail?

Looks pretty bleak for Liberals doesn’t it?

Not so fast… Two things are going to transpire. Number one… The Obama’s will NOT leave the White House and not because of all this sillyness you are hearing about Barack running for a third term. Nope that’s just NOT going to happen. It cannot happen, and will never happen. Our laws would have to be changed for it to ever happen and while you may NOT think a lot of Congress currently, there are enough level heads in place to stop such a whacked out agenda even if it were attempted, so calm down about the “third term” sillyness. No… The way he will win again, the only chance he has to win again is to supply a woman for candidate, because that is what Liberals all want, and he will need to supply one which will make ALL Liberals Swoon for a crack at a vote for such… Yes, we are talking about Michelle. She will be the white Knight for Liberals Nation wide. She will be their hero. She will announce in the last hours of hope and all Liberals will pee their pants with glee and joy. And THAT is why Hillary is being cut loose like lost bait.

Even if they come STRAIGHT out and tell ALL liberals that Michelle TRULY IS a MAN… Transvestite, whatever… THAT will only inspire Liberals to become even MORE insane and supportive. Its their win – win… Mark my words that train is coming. There is no other hope for Liberals than Hillary, but Hillary… Is going to Jail. Thats right… Its a one two punch. As Hillary is incarcerated and the White house turns it’s back on her… All Liberal hope will fall to an all time low and then in the last hour… WAMMO here comes Michelle… it’s a perfect flawless plan to pick the deflated Liberals up by their boot straps Nation wide. Mark my words…. the plan is already in motion.

Oh yeah… and by the way… Don’t worry about Hillary. As Barack leaves office, no matter the outcome… He will pardon Hillary and you will NEVER know the truth about Benghazi.

Signed Sealed delivered… Michelle’s your man.

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