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I’ve been so caught up in my own plight I feel I let my friend Coleen Traylor slip from my grasp. My own brother Mark was lost to small cell carcinoma just weeks ago. After a year long battle he lost the battle. I’ve been consumed with healing an life’s demands so much so that I let my friend slip away without praying and fighting for her. As I look at her profile and see the Lion and the lamb she chose and loved so much as I myself do… Tears roll down my face.

My brother tonight… told me we lost another. A fighter, A lover, and a person we have all come to respect. Coleen will live on for a lifetime in our hearts. She touched us all deeply with her friendship and daily support. She never complained… Never. The news of this hits me like a steel pipe to the head as I recall her comforting ME over my own brothers trials with cancer never ONCE even mentioning she was going through the same.

Can you even imagine what it takes to console another over his brothers fight with cancer while you yourself are in a fight for your life of your own.

I am crushed

We will miss you my princess… We will ALL miss you. Gods speed my friend…

I am completely crushed.

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Rest In Peace Coleen Traylor

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