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May 01, 2015
Reposted with permission from Bill Parker

Was thinking about a posting about Michael Moore from today and this week. After my response on that dill weed’s ideas got me to thinking about some who made him more celebrity… and I remembered he was a multiple appearance guest and loved by the defunct CNN production of “Piers Morgan Live” show. Since its demise in 2014, got me to wondering what the heck was up with that idiot… so, I looked him up. Apparently he is the editor at large of the “Mail On Line,” US version these day. If you think he got a bad deal from CNN, only because of his stands on things that some Americans hold dear in their psyche… Look up what the “Mail On Line” is all about. It is worse than the tabloids your crazy Aunt used to buy at the checkout counter of the local Winn Dixie. Even uber liberal George Clooney hates it (apparently even liberal lying rags are to be hated if they attack you or your family… other than attacks on Obama the only thing Georgie boy hates), so to me the incorrigible idiots of Piers’ bent just sink deeper into the mire.

Good riddance, sorry state of social society and its take over by idiots. Maybe, with enough stupid claims, even Bill Moyer (who is actually smart and funny, though so wrong on many issues) will be sent to pasture. In the realm of fantasy talk show (radio or TV) apparently the liberals are the losers when it comes to issues. This does not bode well for any of us, since if you only have one set of loonies talking on the airwaves (Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al) and that substitutes for journalism… we are all in trouble. Why not just get rid of the 24 hr news format (the internet does just fine without all this fake news crap) and advertise the shows for what folks really want… Talk show TV opinion shows? I mean that is where most Americans get their news (regardless of how crazy that is, and it is crazy to get ones news from opinion hosts) on TV.

Anyway, I will stick to getting my news from multiple sources, BBC, International Herald, NY Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, NY Post, Reuters, and the AP. String it all together, sift out the BS as I see it, and go with that. All the above have certain slants… whether, European Socialism, Liberal Agenda, or Conservative… and I know that going in, but there is no such thing as a talk show on TV that is not just entertainment.

Bill out.

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