Benazir Bhutto… Remember Her? Well YOU Should!

Benazir Bhutto


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So just who is Benazir Bhutto?

Benazir Bhutto, the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan, served two non-consecutive terms in 1988–90 and then 1993–96. Her words about Osama being dead since 2001 were blown off at the time she did this interview. But take another look at this interview and listen to what she has to say and NOW see how much truth there are in her words. Very haunting.

Give the video time to load… Its fairly long in duration.




Benazir posted a final video with Sir David on “Frost Over The World” about a failed assassination attempt in November of 2007 where she states that she is determined to fight now even harder against Islamic Terror. Sadly, she was assassinated just two short months later in December of 2007. Real question is who assassinated her and why? Dead not by the standard suicide bomber method but assassinated by one shot to the head only two months after making a straight forward statement about Osama Bin Lauden without so much as blinking an eye.

Interview Following Assination Attempt of Benazir Bhutto




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