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• June 09, 2015 9:30 AM
It Was The Best Of Times… It Was The End Of Times – CJN
by Robbie G
Citizen Journalist News
Copyright 2015


  • Agenda 21…
  • Overall Purpose – Depopulation

Wonder why you are witnessing, what you are witnessing, in today’s world? Please see bullet points one and two.

Did you know that depopulation failed?

Oh but you say… “how could it, it appears to be in full swing?” Well in a way you would be right. The turmoil in the Middle East is being allowed; being throttled; and no Country is standing up and stating, “This needs to stop”. If ever there IS Marital Law in the USA, it will be when the good people of the USA rise up and take a stand against what the leaders are clearly allowing to transpire. You see… Stopping our Government in the midst of this multinational plan of world depopulation would knock the USA out of the competition for one of the winning slots when all is said and done. And don’t you worry your pretty little heads… The surviving Nations have already been chosen. HOWEVER… Any of them who DO NOT play along properly AND succeed will only serve to make the fewer remaining winners more powerful. We know the current population course is not sustainable. While it’s great to think it is, and great to live, love, and prosper in beautiful harmony… Reality dictates otherwise. Forecast models dictate otherwise. And those forecast models forecast a grim end result. So listen… Pretend for a moment that you are the President of the USA and you are attending a World Leader Summit and the summary of the meeting is…

“We overpopulate, crops cannot sustain and fail while population continues to expand at a faster and faster exponential rate solely due to the overall size of the unbridled size of the population until the scales tip on their own and what kind of crazy mayhem do you think will result? Who do you think will win?”

It won’t be the Governments, this I can guarantee. The masses will stampede. Interesting term, right? Stampede… We generally use that when speaking of livestock. Well guess what? I hate to break this bubble for you, but regardless if you’re talking about Cows, Horses or Sheep… The Human population IS also livestock and when you FAIL to keep livestock in check through natural or manual means… Houston… We have a Problem. Therefore… You… My very fine, Human Livestock Reader…. Are a problem.

So let’s explore this problem, shall we? It’s a hard one to face but what you are seeing in action across the world is corrective policies in action which is why they seem to be ignoring the mayhem and brutality in entirety. You couldn’t ask for a better beginning to the overall plan of depopulation. Each person eliminated equates to countless gemological lines of existence. When you look at it like a game, it becomes less horrific, less macabre and more tolerable… And well… after-all… YOU are saving the WORLD. You’re a Hero.

Problem is, everyone being smited won’t share your enthusiasm as easily as that.

But there is a secret. A secret you probably are starting to figure out but may or may not yet be willing to accept. The Secret? We have been here before and your Government knows it. Which is why THEY are constantly busy collecting all evidence of it and placing it in large wooden boxes filling enormous numbers of endless mysterious crates safely hidden in warehouses you will never have access to in the loves of this generation or the next.

Problem is… some of it is too large to hide. Some is found and photographed and published. Some has been discovered by scientific means… Those darned pesky Scientists…

I hate to break this to you folks… But WE are the “Ancient Astronauts”… Sorry to burst your bubble but no Martian came down and landed and hung out with your ancestors.

When you examine the evidence with an open mind you find things like a spark plug found inside a million year old rock. You find a million year old dress shoe print in solid basalt. You find structures like the Pyramids in perfect alignment with Orion’s belt with stones cut with micrometer accuracy beyond that of our current engineering abilities.  And we find trace radiation evidence along the edges of the Continental Divides which could be only produced by that of an atomic weapon such as we have nowadays. Then we find in Africa, an ancient melted down nuclear reactor dating to millions of years old. And we ask ourselves… Just HOW did all those land formations we can only see from the air get created? Well… Sadly, I hate to tell you… We created them AND we practically destroyed the planet. And here we are… We’re Baaaaaack. And we are close to doing it again. AND we haven’t even achieved the level of civilization we achieved the FIRST time around.

No ones going to land in a space ship and save the world. We are our own worst enemy. The plan being executed today is proactive in hopes we don’t we don’t repeat the past. But who knows for sure.. We may have even tried THIS approach before and perhaps one of the losing/failing Nations pushed the button in an act of desperation to even the odds and put themselves BACK in the game and well… We know now how that ended. If there ever was an Adam & Eve…. They very WELL may have been symbolically representative of survivors who brought us here, today.

Like it or not… you’d be ignorant to not consider it as a very real possibility.

The End.

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Freelance writer and a lifelong Washington Native. Robs articles will generally reflect a Moniker of Robbie G, in honor of his late Uncle “Doc”, who raised him for his first year of life. He credits his writing skill to two very different, and very determined Creative Writing professors at both Bellevue Community College and Seattle University. His career placed him in organizations such as Honeywell Aerospace, Paul Alan's Experience Music Project, Boeing Aerospace, and Microsoft. When not running or Mountain biking, he’s usually, charting and stock trading. Rob and his wife Sandi love traveling, snowshoeing in the winter and Geo cache outings in the summer.

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