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We’re greasing up the wheels at once again. Its a little messy over there but we’re cleaning it up so if you find old links or links that don’t link… Have a little Patience or even drop us a note to let us know, if you are the “giving back” kind.

Regardless if you invest aggressively or simply as a hobby, we’ll have some decent tips for you to follow from the affordable to blue chip and all points in between.

We’ll also be teaching Chartism functionality because that is our model and our philosophy. Occasionally we’ll drop Stock Market 101 tips on surviving in the black while keeping your day job. You may or may NOT have just glossed over that last comment… But reality is, two types of investors in the daily grind exist. Those who know exactly WHAT that last statement means and those who don’t. Difference is the former have tried investing while working 9 to 5 and the latter, want to but haven’t yet begun trading and are in a constant mulling over process or are already set up to trade but haven’t seriously delved into it yet.

WE SUGGEST: Regardless of which side of that coin you are on… Come on over (you’ll need a basic account, yes, its free) and watch… Yes we allow stalkers in our stocks. Matter of fact, we encourage it. The longer you watch before diving in for real, the better off YOU will be when you do dive in. I can teach you EVERYTHING I possibly humanly know but the ONE thing I cannot protect you from is YOU! You may or may NOT think that is a funny statement right now but trust me… In time, YOU WILL come to understand, its a truism.

Additionally… There is this… When you are trading daily and also being paid to do your job at Company X… Your Boss, actually expects you to be working for him and not pouring over your trading account constantly. Problem is… The minute you are eyes off, putting out fires for Bossman… everything goes to hades in the markets. And a single loss can take all your gains out at the kneecaps in the blink of an eye and what you do next can literally make or break you. We’ll teach you that! BUT, even better than THAT… We’ll teach you how NOT to arrive there in the first place.

Listen, I worked for Microsoft, I worked for Boeing Aerospace, I worked for Honeywell Aerospace, I worked for Paul Allen and I managed Tech teams upwards of 160 persons. I barely had time to breath. My phone would blow up at 7:30AM and wouldn’t stop blowing up until 10PM most days. Yes there are guys like me out there. Yes I was one of them. And yes if I could make this work, ANYONE with half a brain, a dash of responsibility, and a little determination can also make it happen.  Miss any one of those ingredients and you will falter… Again, I cannot protect YOU from YOU! I can show you the tools but I can’t make you follow through. I can tell you when, how and why to buy and sell and what to do to ensure you sell at a profit but I cannot push the buttons and activate the safeguards for you. I am not a broker, I cannot trade for you, I can only give you my opinion. The rest is up to you.

Personally… I wanted to be in the Markets… I wanted to day trade. I wanted more attention on MY money than what any broker was willing to offer. Even Raymond James expected me to ride my funds down the toilet because in their opinion, some day they will rebound but the REAL truth is THEY take a chunk of money monthly as long as you are IN the Market, and they could care less if you go bankrupt, as long as you keep paying THEM monthly. It literally was like paying a pimp.

Now I don’t know about you… But that is DEFINITELY NOT my style. I work too hard for my money.

After three years and a LOT of loss… I FINALLY Cracked The Nut! I figured out how I could work even at the level I was working AND make constant gains in the markets. And I did so well that I was eventually able to just play in the Markets and trust me when I say… That didn’t happen over night. But if you never start, I can tell you with 100% confidence, it will NEVER happen!

My day NOW exists for me, my wife and the time I put in the markets… I have even taken up a side line of home flipping and life is good.

I’m 54 and basically retired. But I still work probably harder than I did when I worked for any Corporation. The difference is, I get up, set my stocks and go do things I want to do. And you know what? THOSE “THINGS” are paying ME rather than Bill Gates or Paul Allen who gave me back a slice monthly to keep it going into THEIR pockets.

So here’s the bottom line… If you want to learn how to play ball like I finally did while being worked to death… Come check us out. Look… its free, I’m not charging you. There is nothing in it for me personally other than giving something back and offering hope to anyone who wants to learn what took me time and a LOT of $$ personally to learn. So, I’m not begging you… Its your choice. Walk away if you wish… That would be pretty foolish though. But hey… It’s your life and I’ve been there. I just wish someone would have been there for me long ago, like I am trying to be for you now.


Here’s your first video on AMD, entitled
“Squeeze? Yes Please! AMD Is Coiled Like A Viper!”
Take a look. I think you’ll like what I do and how I do it. Click here

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