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Visiting parallels of history; continues. Back in May I visited history and made observations between Hillary Clinton and a Texas politician from the 1930’s, A colorful character to say the least but had a few things in common with our former first lady/senator from NY state/Secretary of State.

While watching American Hero Channel I got an idea that would lead me to visiting history once more. This time, a comparison of past presidents and others from history with our current President Obama. The program, “What History Forgot” with Joe Moniaci is a program with little addressed facts of history. One particular program caught my attention. Subject matter: The “accidents” during WWI in regards to the destruction of munitions on a strip of land in the New York Harbor. The place was called Black Tom Island. President at the time was Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson’s handling of events during his administration are parallels to how President Obama has handled events of a negative nature during his administration.

While watching this program I was astounded by a major parallel between Wilson and Obama. They both ran as the anti-war candidate. One stating if his opposition were elected then America would be involved in a war. The other, most recent, stating he would get us out of a long war. The later having no real strategy to do so and totally against the rational advise from men with vast experience in military operations.

While going through and reading up on, what I would thought would be a short exploration of the parallels of the two personalities I was greatly mistaken. Just on Woodrow Wilson I will be doing more than one essay on the comparisons. An example of this would be that until Barack Obama only Woodrow Wilson was a college professor that was elected as president of the United States. Another, is as I said the views on war. The views on the war or chance of war these men have in common led me to the opinion that I may have stumbled upon one of the reasons that Obama will not admit that we are at war with radical Muslims. That the attacks in our own country is an act of terrorism and not “work place violence.” I have found much in common between the two men including their overall views and their opinions of our Constitution and also disdain toward the history of our founding and the men who risked their lives and their fortunes to give us the land of the free.

I will be addressing these along with other parallels between these two men and I have decided that addressing and comparing our current president to others such as Reagan, Lincoln, Carter, and Clinton to name a few. Here is a tease for all of you who like my opinion pieces. We basically know that our allies don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us. Woodrow Wilson was not viewed in a positive view by the soldiers of England.”and during WWI. In fact a shell that did not explode wasn’t called a “dud” it was actually called a “Wilson.” Interesting piece of history, don’t you think?

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