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In an opinion I wrote how history can repeat itself. It was a study of the parallels of Hillary Clinton and Miriam “Ma” Ferguson. Ferguson was the first elected female governor of Texas. Like Hillary there were many questions of illegal activities in Ma Ferguson and her husband (who was, like Bill Clinton) impeached. http://cjndaily.com/blog/2015/05/how-history-can-repeat-itself/

We have heard since the beginning of Obama’s administration how “like” he is, compared to former presidents. Even compared to others in history of the world. I started making some of the comparison in the first “Parallels.” http://cjndaily.com/blog/2015/07/parallels-of-history/. I am looking at how these men, from two different centuries, walks of life and culture could have ideologies that are not diametrically opposed. In many respects their opinions of our country, the Constitution, the founding principles of our nation and even what the place in history our country would be recognized for.

Wilson, like Obama was a college professor. Like Wilson who openly criticized the constitution Obama has referred to the constitution as “outdated and flawed.” Obama has nothing very positive to say on the founding of our country. Instead he concentrates on what is wrong with our country and not what is good and unique about our country.

In comparing two men that were privileged enough to be elected, into the highest position in the country, I noticed several parallels. The parallels that are there prove to me people don’t learn from history. They ignore the history and prefer to bury their heads in the sand concluding; that they are the only ones that have a grasp on the events that will effect millions in this country and in many cases millions throughout the world. Some of the effect changes the course of lives, many in a negative manner.

One other elected President, Ronald Reagan acknowledged that there is “peace through strength.” In other words, you want a country and people so strong that no other country or organization would attack and thereby bring down the wrath of the country and the citizens who love their country and respect the founding of that nation. A nation that was attacked most prominently on December 7, 1941 and again on September 11, 2001. It was stated that the leaders in Japan stated after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that Sunday morning they understood that “they had awakened the sleeping giant.” The quote is attributed to Isoroku Yamamoto. The rest of the quote is “and fill him with a terrible resolve.” So was our resolve after the attack that brought us as a nation into WWII. That resolve also was renewed after the attack on September 11, 2001 that took the lives of over 2,900 men, women and children.

The one thing that has been all but forgotten in history is the fact that this actually was not the first attack by a foreign government against our nation, on our soil. That distinction goes to another country. Prior to WWI our country was under terrorist attacks from Germany. Our first terrorist cell was established prior to WWI and operated in our country. Acts of terrorism were ‘accidents’ according to Wilson. Acts of terrorism recently have been labeled by the Obama administration as “work place violence.” Ignoring the facts and molding the events to fit their ideological narrative. So begins the comparison of President Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States of American and Barrack Obama, the 44th president. Separated by 100 years but very closely aligned in the over all shared ideology the men posses.

Barrack Obama was the first president elected since Woodrow Wilson who was a college professor. Wilson, though not the first to be a progressive was actively promoting the idea of progressive movement. Obama is what I would call a ‘devout’ progressive. Intent on changing our country to suit him and his ideology. During both the Obama and Wilson administrations the Democrats had both the White House and Congress. As with both administrations the operating terrorist cells were intent on causing destruction to our country and to the resolve of the people.

As with both administrations there is an element of denial that we had or have a problem within our borders with terrorists themselves. During WWI there was a number of “accidents” when it came to munitions manufacturing plants the storage and also the staging areas of weapons and ammunition bound for Europe to the French and English armies fighting the Kaiser. One notable example of this was the explosion on Black Tom Island, New Jersey. Located in the New York Harbor and across from the Statue of Liberty. The explosion was so strong it was felt in Maryland, damaged the Statue of Liberty and caused millions of dollars in damages.

Today as in WWI we have those who identify with the ideology of our enemies in our country making plans to go to the foreign land and take up the fight for the cause in which they believe. During WWI there were some who were of German decent that attempted to go back to Europe and take up arms against those who would be against the Kaiser and their homeland. Also we have those who are attempting to join the fight in the Middle East and join ISIS against the country that welcomed them onto its shores.

The next part of Wilson and Obama will continue to explore the parallels of these to presidents. Wilson was actually southern and the last sitting president that his family had slaves. Obama is very vocal about the ills of our country and the treatment of blacks in this country. The divisions of race in our nation and the contributing factors these men have made to that division. A part of history that is still a dividing point even though the war fought between the states was supposed to put to rest that contentious period in our nation.

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