“JustUs” secedes

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Resident advocacy group’ secedes as Leisure World of Maryland “recognized” club – due to LWCC Executive Committee code of ethics violations


Publicly recorded aspersions cast by certain LWCC officers continue to promote hostility and prejudice toward community activists. This systematically orchestrated behavior breaches their individually signed LWCC Code of Ethics.

“JustUs” will continue investigating and reporting as we pursue viable solutions to issues affecting Leisure World residents, as exemplified by some of our accomplishments below:

Pesticides and Natural Lawn Care:

• Introduced “natural lawn care” as alternative to toxic lawn care chemicals to LW Board of Directors, recommended inclusion of natural lawn care approaches, including native plants, pollinators and neonicotinoid-free products

• Originated and funded natural lawn care presentations of (2) educational forums presented by Dr. Diana Post, Executive Director Rachel Carson Council, Chip Osbourne and Michael Talbot. Having analyzed the list of pesticides used in Leisure World, Dr. Diana Post, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, presented the scientifically proven dangers to human, plant and animal life.

• Partnered with Safe Grow Montgomery in preparation for resident support and hearings before the Montgomery County Council in favor of Bill #52-14. The adopted law banning use of harmful lawn chemicals, becomes effective January 1, 2018

• Documented, prepared and filed violations of State pesticide application laws committed by Leisure World landscape contractor for which they were cited by the State of Maryland Department of Agriculture

• Acquired and publicized State of Maryland Department of Agriculture “Pesticide Sensitive Individual Registration” form. Advised residents of Leisure World how to register in order to add a level of protection against Leisure World toxic chemical applications

• Email weekly landscape contractor schedule to alert residents of toxic chemical applications

• Held meetings with world-renowned natural lawn care expert, Paul Tukey, Chief Sustainability Officer for Glenstone Museum (Potomac, Md.). Obtained his offer to speak and educate Leisure World governance, management and residents about natural lawn care transition, without charge to community

Environmental issues:

• Provided public presentation of internationally recognized natural lawn care documentary, “A Chemical Reaction” by Paul Tukey

• Held meetings with Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection investigator and publicized DEP 7/24/14 case report re: Leisure World’s pesticide polluted streams and grossly depleted tree canopy

• Informed residents and county officials of the unnecessary mass destruction of large canopy trees throughout Leisure World and publicized necessity to protect existing trees and expand tree canopy

• Introduced Montgomery County free tree program “Tree Montgomery” to Leisure World Board of Directors, Landscape Advisory Committee and management

• Following precedent set by Leisure World resident Darlene Hamilton, we facilitated meetings with Montgomery County DEP “Rainscapes” program, thereby contributing to conservation practices and monetary rebates.

• Introduced and obtained the following Landscape Advisory Committee Resolutions:

1.Requiring landscape contractor identify names of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer chemicals being applied on weekly schedule

2.Motion for ($12,825) landscape contractor refund for tree removal

3.Motion to exclude clover from chemical applications

4.Motion to include labor & materials breakdown on all landscape contractor proposals

• “JustUs” Environmental Issues Committee transitioned into group independently organized as “Leisure World Green”

Advocates on behalf of Leisure World Residents:
• Prepared and presented 550+ resident signed petition to stop $5+ Million new administration construction expenditure, while calling for an engineering study to determine current building renovation viability as alternative to new construction

• Photographed and published report showing Leisure World armed security officers controlling resident entry to Management organized public forum re: new building construction

• Assisted in gathering petition signatures in support of preserving current lawn bowling location

• Regularly communicate with State and County regulatory agencies to insure Leisure World compliance with Md. Homeowners Association Act “Books and Records” requests

• Advised and interceded on behalf of individual residents re: issues including identifying instances of rude and non-responsive management employees and their failure to abide by State and County laws

• Published and addressed public defamation of community volunteers allowed by and in presence of Executive Committee members, who encouraged and allowed favoritism

• Acting on behalf of disabled residents, requested and obtained installation of CH 2 automatic side entry door

• Communicated w/State and County officials to successfully obtain pothole repair outside Conn. Ave entry @ Connecticut Ave & Bel Pre Road

• Obtained and distributed informative pamphlets re: various subjects of interest to the senior population, i.e. elder abuse, transportation, county resources, social services, health and welfare of seniors and their pets

• Provided photographs revealing huge gaps and entry points in Leisure World perimeter fencing, calling attention to this being a “secure gated community”

• Researched and published articles re: testing and certification of all Common Ownership Community Boards of Directors. Introduced concept and acquired Montgomery legislative sponsorship introduced by County Council President, George Leventhal. Testified at public hearing – obtained passage of law: Bill #45-14 “Common Ownership Communities – Governing Body- Training”

• Documented and published examples of LW BOD fiduciary irresponsibility, i.e. continued squandering of residents dues to fund perpetuated golf course deficits; LW Board of Directors and LW Management failures to require landscape contract adherence

• Published documented instances of aluminum wire sparking and arcing events and potential aluminum wiring fire safety hazards. Obtained State corrected work permit notifications re: 2015 asbestos removal during renovations of Montgomery Mutual buildings destroyed by fire.

• Documented and submitted Leisure World Home Owners Association Act regulatory violations by selected mutual boards, LWCC, and LWMC to State of Maryland Office of Attorney General, Montgomery County Council and Commission on Common Ownership Communities

• Documented previously undisclosed management expenditure of $50,000 over 25 years for LW employee participation in Aspen Hill Racquet Club membership

• Presented potential safety hazards and insurance liability of permitting 4AM fitness center opening. Ignoring the information, the LWCC BOD adopted the change. Ironically, the motion’s sponsor filed an insurance claim against Leisure World for the early morning injury she sustained in the fitness center hallway

• Documented management ignoring long-standing “Forfeited-Not In Good Standing” status of Fitness Center contractor’s State of Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation charter, eventually resulting in contractor compliance

• Documented General Manager elections as “Executive Vice President” by several mutual boards of directors, without LWCC bylaw provision and/or LWCC Board of Directors knowledge

• Compiled and published useful list of Acronyms often referred to within Leisure World, Montgomery County and State government.

Animals Matter

• Focused public attention on and amassed opposition to LW BOD proposed baited bow and arrow contracted deer killing. Requested and obtained public educational hearings, identified and arranged non-profit organizational funding and humane veterinary treatment solutions with Humane Society of United States and Wildlife Rescue, Inc. By showing “there is no deer problem in Leisure World”, they were saved from proposed extermination to have taken place on the golf course

• “JustUs” has established an ongoing working relationship with a Maryland animal rights attorney, who maintains a continued interest in the welfare of LW pets and wildlife

• Advocated successfully on behalf of a disabled Leisure World resident, whose Americans with a Disability rights to house a Service Dog were being denied

• Challenged LW Management plan to purchase and inhumanely kennel a dog to chase geese from golf course, resulting in LW contracting with professional dog handler with geese control expertise at a lesser resident expense

• Initiated search and published articles about Leisure World missing dog “Maggie” who one month later, was successfully reunited with her owner

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