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Ted Cruz Signs Off On Message From Right-Wing ‘F*G: THE NEW N***ER’ Artist


It has long been our position at AATTP that while not all Tea Partiers are white, racist homophobic bigots, if you are a white, racist homophobic bigot, you’re probably a member of the Tea Party. Some book also said something wise once about knowing…

Tea Party Takes Credit For Obama Electoral Victories


Four New Jersey Tea Party groups and a Southern California Tea Party group joined forces today in warning national Republicans not to nominate a moderate for president in 2016.  In their joint statement released this morning, the Bayshore Tea Party…

The Republican Presidential Nomination and 2016

The Republican Presidential Nomination and 2016 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes The Republican Presidential Nomination and 2016 One of my favorite blogs is entitled The Other McCain (no, not THAT McCain but the OTHER guy named McCain) and one of the articles that caught my eye was by Smitty entitled “32 GOP Presidential Choices? Nuts!” In it there was an email from GOP.com about 32 potential candidates for the presidential nomination. Now Smitty brings up a good point when he said the following: (a) The next election is in 9 1/2Read More