JOTY Award

awardInterested in joining the run for 2015’s Journalist of the Year Award?
You must be a CJN press card holder
You must submit one personally written article every two weeks.
It’s on your honor of course but as a card holding press member, we think two weeks is manageable even if you are working full time. I know some will submit more some probably less but we want your cutting edge articles personally written by you. And no, I don’t care if you are also posting them in other locations as well. That’s it… it’s pretty easy here.

Press Card Bonus
Holding a press card will literally open doors, get you personal interviews, etc.

· Press Cards open otherwise locked doors to the Average Joe. They work, and they are nearly impossible to obtain for obvious reasons. I had to personally jump through major hoops to get to the point where I can offer them. Therefore, if you order one,
We CAN and WILL have our card privileges removed if abused. Use them professionally, use them wisely, use them as a tool to open interview opportunities, but USE them, and enjoy your expanded abilities and privilege.

If you are interested in being part of the Award contest, get your press card.
Enrollment is automatic. If you join later than Jan, you will still be enrolled, you’ll
just have to work harder and faster to catch up to those who post in Jan.

So 2015 here we come, good luck to all who JOIN.
Contact Rob Greves if you have questions.


JOTY – Journalist of the Year Past Winners

2014 JOTY Award Recipient – Steven H. Ahle
2013 JOTY Award Recipient – Deb Raasmussen