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Welcome to CJNDaily.


Registered Members & Posting Guidelines:
Anyone can register; however, submissions need to be in the form of Article, Op-Ed or Editorial. If you wish to write, and literally don’t know what those are, don’t panic yet. Just about any article written on any news site are in these formats. Op-Ed is just a fancy name for your opinion. The only thing we don’t want are brief statements, comment style posts, stand alone pictorial posts, etc. Stand alone Videos are not allowed unless the work is owned by you and if so a short descriptive narrative is required. This is a Journalist site and we offer an award for Journalism; not posts. Posts of comments, pictures and cartoons will be removed. Posts attract ratings and comments for completely different reasons than Articles. Posts belong on Facebook, articles belong here.

Our requirements are simple
#1. Post Articles with Journalistic Integrity
#2. Utilize Ethical Integrity in your content by giving proper attribution
#3. Post with Racial Equality in mind
#4. Post with accuracy from honest research

#5. PLEASE QA your article for errors prior to posting. Prior to pushing the PUBLISH button, take a moment to do the following:
     a. Proof Read – Nothing destroys flow worse than a poorly written or structured article.
     b. Block Justify – Highlight entire article, hold down the Alt & Shift keys, then press J.
#6. Most importantly, Plagiarism (read the article and understand) will not be tolerated.

CJN Staff reserve the right to lock and remove any content defined as Plagiarism. If an article is locked, it will also be placed in “Pending Review”. Author must correct errors within two business days and notify CJN @ prior to republishing.
CJN Staff reserve the right to edit, modify or correct any article where an Author has failed to address structural, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors.
If an article is too poorly written and is subsequently published, CJN reserves the right to lock viewing of the article.  If an article is locked, it will also be placed in “Pending Review”. Author must correct errors within two business days and notify CJN @ prior to republishing.

The fast and easy cure is… Don’t cut and paste articles  from other websites or steal someone else’s byline. Use Your Spell Check. Write the article in an editor first, use the spell and grammar check utility, then copy and paste to your dashboard post prior to publishing.

As a Group we are not against tastefully written satire; however, there are a couple rules which need to be followed. We are a serious Journalism site and do not wish to be labeled with such sites as “The Onion”.
#1, All Satire must be categorized as such by selecting “Satire” in the category list to the left of your dashboard.
#2. All Satire must labeled as such at the beginning of the article so readers are not confused and/or accidentally mistake as real content.
Satire found to be written with the intent to confuse and left as such will be removed. That is firm, there will be no exceptions.

Who we are and what we do:
CJN was primarily created to promote and share current Political events. Breaking News is welcome and appreciated. As are re-posts of interesting and relevant older recaps. Member comments and statements are welcome also; as we encourage discussion. Most importantly… Vetting of content. We, as a group diligently focus on truth in reporting. If an article is found to be untrue, Members are encouraged to comment it as such and please also leave supporting links and/or material. Originating Authors may either remove the article or leave it, either way is acceptable. I sometimes think it good to leave noted as urban legend so others may also see it and know it to be such. This will help it to no longer be shared as truthful material. Everyone makes mistakes and I have been no exception, however, as the Author, the choice is yours.

Who we are not:
We are not a group who allows, accepts or entertains personal attacks, blatant racism and I don’t mean “Liberal Branded” racism, I mean racism literally.  Unacceptable comments designed to incite anger; intentional devils advocate behavior also are unwelcome. We are solely and primarily a News Group. Our focus is News only and value added comments are desired.

If you wish to incite excitement and encourage animosity between political groups, gender, race or otherwise, there are many Groups on Facebook to do so. We do not condone these behaviors and doing so will unfortunately be cause initially for a warning; leading to removal if requests to cease are disregarded


We bring News to the table

We comment on articles

 We Vet continuously

We do not engage or enrage or annoyingly debate a post with an Author. Make your point, support your point and call it a day. Keep it professional and if you can’t, please take it to one on one elsewhere. But do know, if a Member complains, it will be addressed and resolved. We share and we support.

It’s what we do here…

We are proud of our group. It works… lets keep it this way.