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 CJNDaily Press Pass

Press passes help journalists do their job. A Press Pass permits a holder inside access to otherwise inaccessible or blocked off  events, trade shows or public institutions.

Your Press Pass identifies you, the owner as a practicing journalist. Your press pass eliminates verification of your authorization or qualifications.  Additionally, a separate Letter of Confirmation from your editorial office may be required. The letter is generally issued exclusively by your Organization. A CJNDaily Press Pass includes a Letter of Conformation.

Renowned organizations such as CJNDaily are well known beyond the US boundaries and are recognized as a legitimate National  & International news provider.  Anyone working as a full time or part time journalist for CJNDaily may apply for a press pass online. Event laypersons will easily distinguish your legitimacy  as a journalist though visual inspection of your credentials. CJNDaily offers a  very user friendly web infrastructure for you to publish your own articles and photos, editorials, and OP-Eds.

As an additional layer of security CJNDaily further protects our journalists from  theft and counterfeiters and illegitimate usage of their credentials through use of laser security overlays.  Our special Holographic Overlay Security ID Cards are credit-card-sized and made of sturdy plastic.

As an extra added layer of security; In order to keep journalists who don’t actually produce any editorial work from reaping the benefits of a non-expiring press pass for years and years, a new press pass must now be issued every year.


 What Is A Press Pass

CJNDaily Press Passes are well respected by businesses, event organizers, public institutions, law enforcement  agencies and emergency services such a fire and aid divisions. This respect allows you to overcome boundaries to entry in most cases, making your every-day editorial work easier. In the United States, however, there is no uniform appearance for Press Passes. In addition, there are variations when it comes to issuing press passes. Some agencies restrict the passes exclusively to full-time journalists. This limitation does not apply to CJNDaily; however, a Press Pass issued by CJNDaily is generally accepted both nationally and internationally.

While true, some press organizations enjoy stronger international acceptance and recognition than others, any press credential from any agency may be turned down by any event provider for entry in any country be it used Nationally or Internationally. It is generally always going to be one persons call to allow or reject access via their own judgement call or through direct orders of superiors. Any agency professing ability over another would be an inference of flawed perspective. We as journalists always must humbly accept acceptance or rejection to any event and that is the true reality.

CJNDaily Press Passes follow National/International preferred and accepted format as follows. Our passes are made of plastic in the size of a credit card. Premium printing methods using holographic overlay security make each ID unique and much harder to forge or modify. For international acceptance and also enhanced security reasons, all press passes must be renewed annually,  Other security features of CJNDailys Press Pass credentials include current year, personal owner data and photo.

CJNDaily includes journalists from all areas of the modern media world. In addition to conventional print journalists, CJNDaily includes photojournalists, authors, stage directors, publishers, bloggers, film critics and many other professionals who, either as full-time or part-time contributors, help create a comprehensive spectrum of journalistic work. Besides the standard areas of broadcasting, television and print, the Internet plays a growing role, allowing sufficient space for online journalism to cover all areas of modern media work.



Benefits explained should only be exploited in the context of journalistic work.

Your press pass can provide an advantage when trying to get accredited for events big or small. Additionally, an accredited journalist may receive special press and photo opportunities or materials to be included in their articles.

Your Press Pass facilitates journalistic research
Often times, Companies dependent on PR will cultivate relationships with journalists to ensure quick accreditation processes.

Various service providers also offer special deals for journalistic work, such as:
Convention access
Trade show access
Protected access to company products, service or Internet sites.
Access to social events.
Theater premiere access
Formal reception access
Special event site access.
Public buildings access and sometimes blocked to general public.
Service provider discounts
Rental vehicle discounts and/or rebates
Discount internet plans
Hotels discounts
Tourist attraction discounts
Cell Phone contract discounts, etc.
Generally producing your card and simply asking if a Press Discount is available will produce discounts or access if offered.


 Journalistic Occupation

A Press ID is proof of a reputable professional occupation, which means not just anyone receives such a document. Press passes are generally recognized by event organizers and businesses as well as official agencies. However, their legitimacy is sometimes subject to verification. Even though most businesses and event organizers no longer emphasize particular press agencies or media associations, journalists who represent renowned and legitimate press associations or agencies tend to receive special support, especially when the number of media representatives to be accredited is limited. Thanks to the growing internationalization of the media landscape, press passes from international agencies are increasingly being accepted around the globe. Press passes issued by CJNDaily are held in particularly high regard on both a national and international level.


 Losing Your Pass Renewal Rights

Obviously we are not going to track you down and strip you of your press pass. However, Passes are only allowed one year durations. As a CJN Journalist… No multi-year passes will be generated and Journalism MUST transpire.  Journalism and Press Passes are a serious honor and not to be taken lightly. Therefore anyone holding a Press Pass will be expected to uphold our standards which means acting honorably in public settings.

You are representing the face of CJN, therefore personal complaints to CJN regarding a Journalist actions or behavior can and will be one path to Pass Termination.

As a Press Pass holder, you are a CJNDaily Journalist regardless of skill level. As such, you are expected to create Journalism. Anyone holding a CJN Press Pass ID is expected to post periodic articles, editorials, and or Op-ed’s on their Dash Board Access Point. No Press Passes will be redistributed to a Journalist who becomes MIA unless special circumstances persist. 


 Register now

A membership with the CJNDaily is required in order to receive a CJNDaily Press Pass ID. Registration is the first step.

How to get your personal press pass:

1. Registration:

After successful completion of CJNDaily site registration, you must provide contact information required to issue your credentials. You will need to submit the following to – CLICK HERE:
A passport quality picture in JPG-format.
ID creation is not possible without it.
First name*
Last name*
Street address*
ZIP code* / City*
Date of birth*
Position* (Ex. Reporter, Journalist, Photographer) if applicable.
Only name and photo will appear on ID


2. CJNDaily reviews your application:

Your membership application will be reviewed and generally approved within 48 hours. You will receive an email containing our payment link.

3. CJNDaily Membership Fee:

A membership with CJNDaily will include your press pass, press ID card, personal letter of accreditation and credential holder.

A one-time registration fee of $120.00 and annual membership fee of $48.

The annual membership fee is prorated for the current year (Example: If you register in September, we only charge for the months of for September through December). In this example a total payment due would be $136.00 for the first year, all subsequent years will be only $48.00 per year thereafter. Renewal letters will be sent to existing ID holders each Sept to ensure you have your new ID prior to the new year.

Registration is for authorized membership status with CJNDaily and is a one time only fee.

Annual Membership Fee is an annually recurring fee to keep your account active and Press Pass ID current.

If you are actively utilizing your Press Pass ID the benefits received should easily outweigh the annual expense.

Anyone presently holding a multi-year Pass purchased prior to Feb 2014 will be exempt from annual renewal fees until their pass is expired. Thereafter renewal fee will apply. (Renewal guidelines above will apply for Members found to be inactive throughout the previous calendar year).

Anyone presently holding a CJNDaily Press Pass purchased prior to Feb 2014 is exempt from the registration fee.


 Additional Options

Magnetic Stripe Encoding – $4.00
Protective Clear Laminate – $4.00
Holographic Laminate (back side) – $3.00
Badge Holder (Clear Vinyl) – $2.00
3 pocket holder w/neck cord and cord lock – $5.00
Lanyard – $3.00
Security Overlay – $5.00
Suspender Clip – $2.00
Retractable Reel $3.00

Please list additional item preference to be included with your ID, in your registration email.